Meet the New MADE Ambassadors Transforming Canadian Entertainment

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation, the MADE | NOUS campaign has successfully scouted and enlisted three dynamic individuals to become the fresh faces of Canadian entertainment. Liz Duff, hailing from Halifax, brings her wit and pop culture expertise; Haley Robinson, a two-spirit, mixed Plains Cree-Filipinx creator based in Ottawa, shares insights into identity and culture; and Andrian Makhnachov, a recent Ukrainian-Canadian immigrant in Regina, Saskatchewan, chronicles his unique journey of adjusting to Canadian life. Together, these MADE ambassadors are set to curate original social media content, championing Canadian talent and shedding light on the diverse narratives within the country.

Photo L-R: Liz Duff, Haley Robinson, Andrian Makhnachov Photo credit: Jocelyn Michel

The Unveiling at Buffer Festival:

The trio officially unveiled their ambassador roles during a compelling panel discussion at Buffer Festival in Toronto on November 9. Liz Duff, known for her sharp analysis of pop culture, expressed excitement about being part of a campaign that allows them to be present at every step of the entertainment process. "MADE gives us the chance to be there at every step of the process and share that excitement with our audiences," Duff remarked during the panel.

Embracing Diversity and Representation:

MADE | NOUS has set a mission to amplify voices from underrepresented communities, mainly focusing on Indigenous voices. Haley Robinson, who identifies as two-spirit and has mixed Plains Cree-Filipinx heritage, expressed their enthusiasm for spotlighting Indigenous creators. "I'm so excited to spotlight all the Indigenous creators I've come to know and love!" Robinson exclaimed. The campaign aims to bring forth stories that have long been overlooked and to ensure that a more inclusive narrative takes center stage in Canadian media.

Building Bridges Between Traditional and Digital Media:

MADE | NOUS strives to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds to create bridges between traditional and digital media. With this campaign, the ambassadors aim to introduce a new era where homegrown stories take precedence, allowing Canadian creativity to shine globally. Andrian Makhnachov, the Ukrainian-Canadian newcomer, expressed his hope that through the MADE campaign, he can share and celebrate the creativity of all Canadian creators.

Photo LD: Antoine Bouchard-Côtes, Adam Déragon and Angie Augustin Photo credit: Jocelyn Michel

Expanding the Horizon: French-speaking Ambassadors:

MADE | NOUS, as a bilingual brand, has also welcomed three French-speaking digital creators into the fold. Angie Augustin, Adam Déragon, and Antoine Bouchard-Côtes will focus on creating French-language social media content, expanding the reach of MADE | NOUS to French-speaking audiences.

Stay Connected with MADE:

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MADE | NOUS, with its new team of ambassadors, is on a mission to celebrate and elevate Canadian creativity in film, television, video games, and digital entertainment. Through the diverse perspectives of Liz Duff, Haley Robinson, and Andrian Makhnachov, the campaign aims to bring forth stories that resonate with a global audience. As the MADE ambassadors embark on this exciting journey, they invite audiences to join them in discovering and celebrating the rich tapestry of Canadian entertainment.