Mega Power Games Launches DepowerBall

Toronto's own Mega Power Games officially releases DepowerBall.

DepowerBall invites players to walk the fine line between glory and despair in a fast-paced competition where you "Depower" your rivals, feed the mighty Dragon Queen and secure victory in three intense rounds. The game combines fast-paced action, strategic decision-making, and unpredictable twists; you'll need to adapt on the fly to come out on top. Check out the game on Steam.

Key Features

  • Local Multiplayer action for 1-4 players (or play with bots to train)
  • Online Multiplayer action where you can play alone in Quick Match or in a Party with up to 4 in a group!
  • As you earn favor online, you will also earn ranked badges to show off to your friends on your quest to earn the rank of ‘Royal Champion’
  • Balanced Gameplay - where winning a round means losing one of your powers, ensuring a competitive atmosphere
  • Spectator mode for parties available for casting/streaming!
  • Power Drafting - Where all players get to decide which powers are used in a match!
  • Five levels with ridiculous hazards!
  • Two different game modes to keep things fresh (DepowerBall and T.A.G.)!
  • Eight adorable characters to choose from!
  • Dress your characters up with unlockable accessories to showcase your own personality!
  • Keep track of your progress with live stats