Mega Power Games Unleashes Nostalgia in DepowerBall Update: Welcome Mick, the New Playable Character!

Independent game studio Mega Power Games is increasing the excitement with the latest update to their tactical party platformer, DepowerBall. This innovative game, known for its fast-paced athletic gameplay and strategic decision-making, is now introducing a familiar face to the arena. Prepare to welcome Mick, the iconic character who brings a touch of old-school charm and a unique twist to the competition.

DepowerBall is not your average party platformer. It blends fast-paced, athletic challenges with strategic decision-making, adding a unique flavour to every matchup. From feeding a hungry Dragon Queen to playing keep-away with a golden treat, each player starts with the same powers to become the Royal Champion. Winning rounds earn the Queen's favour but invite the wrath of other players, who can vote to strip away one of the winner's powers. The first to win three rounds claims the title of Royal Champion.

Introducing Mick:

In this latest update, Mega Power Games introduces Mick, a character recognizable to everyone. Inspired by the iconic Steamboat Willie version of Mickey Mouse, Mick brings his old-school charm to the Pit. Available to all players who download the update, Mick aims to even the odds against the competition and adds a nostalgic touch to the game. Watch as he navigates the challenges, putting his spin on the DepowerBall universe.

Quality of Life Updates:

The update doesn't stop at introducing a new character. Mega Power Games has incorporated significant quality-of-life updates, particularly visual and internal enhancements to the party setup system. Players can now quickly and easily match up into private lobbies, ensuring a smoother experience for those eager to compete together.

Antonio Miceli, President of Mega Power Games, expresses his excitement about the update: "Mickey Mouse is one of the most well-known characters in history, and this was an opportunity to put our spin on the original 'Steamboat Willie' version of him and make him fully playable right out of the box. The DepowerBall universe is a good fit for him, and this sets a precedent for us in that you never know what will show up next!"

The Future of DepowerBall:

As Mega Power Games continues to evolve the DepowerBall universe, this update sets the stage for future features. The new party system's backbone promises additional enhancements, keeping players engaged and anticipating what surprises the game has in store.

The update is available now, accompanied by a fun trailer on YouTube. For more information and to join the excitement, visit Strap in, gather your power and get ready to compete in the lively and unpredictable world of DepowerBall.