Melatonin's Rhythmic Odyssey: Soon Dreaming on PlayStation 5!

Melatonin's Rhythmic Odyssey: Soon Dreaming on PlayStation 5!

Exciting developments are on the horizon as Melatonin prepares to debut on the PlayStation 5 on March 12, 2024, courtesy of Half Asleep.

David Huynh, the passionate mind behind this project, expresses his delight: "I’m so excited to introduce Melatonin to a whole new audience of gamers! As a huge fan of rhythm games, I truly hope that Melatonin can inspire players to try more games in the genre and that it encourages game devs to make more of them too."

Having initially launched on PC in December 2022 to resounding acclaim from over 4,500 Steam users, Melatonin subsequently found its way to the Nintendo Switch platform.

Melatonin, an intricately crafted hand-drawn rhythm game, beckons players to embark upon an enchanting journey where dreams and reality converge. With its captivating hand-drawn artwork, vibrant musical compositions, and stimulating challenges, Melatonin promises an immersive experience devoid of daunting overlays or interfaces.

Venture through over 20 ethereal levels spanning five captivating chapters, each imbued with distinctive rhythmic nuances. Test your mettle with unlockable Challenge Modes, indulge in entertaining level Mashups, and even fashion your own rhythm game stages with the accessible Level Editor tool.

As you traverse the vibrant realms of Melatonin, you will gradually unravel the complex interplay between dreams and waking existence, piecing together the protagonist's narrative one rhythmic stride at a time.

Prepare to synchronize your senses with Melatonin on the PlayStation 5 and embark upon an enthralling rhythmic odyssey!

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About Half Asleep
Melatonin was developed in Vancouver by David Huynh. He previously worked in graphic design, interface design, and user experience design before making the jump to indie game development. This will be the first game released from the developer but there are big plans to build up a team and make more dreamy games after the release of Melatonin.