MLB The Show 24 Review: A Home Run for Baseball Fans

MLB The Show 24 Review: A Home Run for Baseball Fans
Review on Xbox Series S

As a longtime fan of baseball and its virtual adaptations, I've traversed the digital diamond in various games, from the classics like Bo Jackson's Baseball to modern hits like MLB The Show. With the franchise's latest installment, MLB The Show 24, the game takes another swing at greatness with new features and updates that aim to deepen the player's immersion in America's favourite pastime.

Review on Xbox Series S

One of the most significant additions to this year's game is the new lighting mechanic, which enhances the visual fidelity and realism of the game. Whether you're basking in the glow of a sunny day game or feeling the intensity of a night game under the lights, the new lighting system adds a level of immersion that genuinely brings the game to life.

The user interface (UI) has also been revamped, providing players with a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Thanks to the updated UI, navigating menus and managing your team has never been easier.

One of the most exciting new features in MLB The Show 24 is the option to play as a women's baseball player in Road to The Show. This addition reflects the growing inclusivity in sports games and allows players to experience the game from a new perspective. Including women in baseball is a welcome addition and adds a new layer of depth to the game's rich gameplay.

MLB The Show 24 stays committed to authenticity by incorporating real-world MLB rule changes into the game. From slightly larger bases to new regulations around pickoff attempts, the game mirrors the sport's ever-evolving nature. The addition of Impact Plays further enhances the game's realism, allowing players to experience the thrill of making a game-changing defensive play.

The game's Storylines feature continues to be a highlight, with The Negro Leagues Season 2 taking center stage. These brilliantly produced videos, narrated by Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro League Museum, tell the stories of baseball's most legendary players, adding a rich layer of history and context to the game.

Another new addition is the Storyline track, focusing on legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. While this addition adds to the game's narrative depth, some players may have preferred focusing on other players, such as Vladimir Guerrero, especially considering his son's presence on the cover.

In terms of gameplay, MLB The Show 24 introduces the Draft Combine to Road to The Show, allowing players to showcase their skills in front of scouts. While this adds a new level of realism to the game, it doesn't significantly impact player attributes or draft position.

Diamond Dynasty, the game's card-collecting mode, remains largely unchanged from previous iterations. It offers a mix of single-player and multiplayer options for players to enjoy. The addition of Sets and Seasons has made higher-rated cards more accessible, adding to the mode's overall depth and longevity.

In terms of presentation, MLB The Show 24 shines on the Xbox Series S with sharp graphics and smooth gameplay. The game is optimized well for the platform, providing a visually stunning experience for players.

MLB The Show 24 remains a standout title for baseball fans, offering a deep and engaging gameplay experience. With its commitment to authenticity, diverse gameplay options, and improved visuals, MLB The Show 24 is a home run for sports gamers. MLB The Show is getting an 8/10.