Link & Play: PS5's Instant Multiplayer Invite

On May 1st, Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled an innovative method for PlayStation 5 (PS5) gamers to connect and play together online seamlessly via a Playstation blog.

Shareable Links for Instant Connection
PS5 users can generate shareable links directly from their console or PlayStation App in the coming months. These links can be sent via any messaging or social media platform, allowing players to join multiplayer sessions quickly. This means you can invite new acquaintances to play without first adding them as friends on PlayStation Network.

Simple, Effective, and Game-Changing
Imagine meeting potential gaming buddies on your preferred social platform and instantly inviting them to join your PS5 session through a quick link—no more tedious friend requests, just a direct path to multiplayer fun.

Enhancing Compatibility
This feature seamlessly integrates with all supported PS5 games, ensuring a consistent experience across titles. While most games will be ready to go from the start, a small percentage may require updates to optimize session fully joins.

Stay in the Loop with Discord Integration
A unique widget has been developed for those who use Discord to display real-time session status. This means you'll always know if a session is active before you join.

image of the PS5 multiplayer session invite widget in Discord.
Image via Playstation Blog

Coming Soon: Profile Sharing
Soon, PS5 users will also be able to share PlayStation Network profiles via generated links from various platforms, further enhancing connectivity and social engagement.

Images of the Profile Share feature on PlayStation App and mobile devices