New Content is coming to The Outlast Trials.

New Content is coming to The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials, the spine-tingling co-op horror game that has kept us on the edge of our seats since its initial release, is about to unleash a wave of terror in the form of a brand-new content update. Are you ready to don your investigative hat and gather your witnesses for the impending trial in the Courthouse? In this blog post, we're thrilled to introduce you to the chilling new objective enemy – the Scapegoat. But that's not all; we have exciting news about The Outlast Trials' upcoming console release and crossplay features. Read on to discover all the spine-tingling details!

The Scapegoat: Your New Nightmare

If you've played The Outlast Trials before, you know that the game thrives on fear, tension, and unexpected scares. With the introduction of the Scapegoat, you can expect the stakes to be higher than ever. This new objective enemy is bound to make your heart race and your palms sweaty as you try to outsmart it in the heart of the Courthouse.

The Scapegoat isn't your typical adversary. It's a relentless, unpredictable, and horrifying creature that will stop at nothing to thwart your escape from the Courthouse. Armed with unique abilities, the Scapegoat will keep you guessing, making every playthrough an adrenaline-pumping experience. In The Outlast Trials, you'll need all your wits and teamwork to overcome this monstrous threat. Can you outmaneuver the Scapegoat and find a way to survive, or will it be your doom?

The Courthouse: A Glimpse into Horror

The Courthouse is the latest trial map in The Outlast Trials, setting the stage for intense cooperative gameplay. You'll uncover the twisted secrets hidden within as you and your team delve deeper into the eerie hallways, chambers, and courtrooms. The Courthouse brings a new layer of dread to the game, where you must balance your quest for survival with your pursuit of justice.

Prepare to face your deepest fears as you navigate the dimly lit corridors while the Scapegoat lurks in the shadows. It's not just about escaping anymore; it's about uncovering the truth and surviving the relentless pursuit of a new enemy.

Exciting News: Console Release and Crossplay

We have some fantastic news for those who've been eagerly waiting to experience The Outlast Trials on console. The game's developers have been working hard to ensure that The Outlast Trials will make its way to consoles by early 2024. You can expect spine-tingling chills on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and older-gen PS4/Xbox One. The horrors of the trials will be right at your fingertips on your favourite gaming platform.

But that's not all. The Outlast Trials' console release will also bring a thrilling addition – crossplay with PC players. Now, you can join forces with your friends, no matter their platform, and tackle the game's challenges together. The terror knows no bounds, and neither should your co-op gaming experience. It's an exciting step forward for the Outlast universe and a chance for players from all corners of the gaming world to unite in fear.

The Outlast Trials' upcoming content update promises to be a spine-tingling experience for fans with the introduction of the Scapegoat. This formidable new enemy will test your survival skills like never before. As you venture into the nightmarish Courthouse, prepare to face your deepest fears and uncover the truth hidden within its walls.

And for those awaiting the console release, your patience will soon be rewarded, with The Outlast Trials coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and older-gen consoles by early 2024, complete with crossplay functionality. The horror of the trials will unite players across platforms, offering an even more thrilling and hair-raising experience.

The end of October is just around the corner, so get ready to dive into The Outlast Trials and face your fears like never before. Can you survive the Courthouse and outwit the Scapegoat? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – it will be a chilling and unforgettable experience.

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