NHL 24 Review

NHL 24 Review

NHL 24 brings an exciting mix of new features and familiar gameplay elements to the ice, making it a compelling choice for both seasoned franchise fans and newcomers looking to dive into the world of hockey simulation.

One of the standout additions is the Exhaust Engine Sustained Pressure System, which introduces a new level of realism to the game. Inspired by the relentless forechecking shifts in real hockey, this system pins the defensive team within their end, creating intense and thrilling moments on the ice. It's a welcome change that adds a layer of authenticity to the gameplay.

The Exhaust Engine Goalie Fatigue System complements this, as goalies and players alike are more prone to making mistakes under pressure. This dynamic system enhances the overall experience, making each game feel like real hockey with high stakes.

Introducing physics-based contact, new ragdoll reactions, and the ability to hit players into the bench or break the glass adds another layer of realism. These elements make the game more immersive and dynamic.

Vision Passing is a notable addition, providing players with greater control and precision over their passes. This mechanic can lead to more strategic and skillful plays on the ice. Think of Madden and the quarterback for passing. That feature is here now for NHL 24.

HUT Moments, featuring over 50 iconic moments from NHL history, adds a nostalgic touch, celebrating legendary achievements like the 99’s 50 goals in 39 games or Marie-Philip Poulin's golden goal at the 2021 IIHF World Championship.

The EASHL Mixed Clubs feature enhances the game's social aspect, allowing players to form diverse teams and compete together, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community.

With 75 new goal celebrations, the Flex Moments add variety and fun to the post-goal excitement, making each scoring moment unique.

Cheryl Pounder's addition as a new commentator brings fresh energy to the game's audio, offering a different perspective and insights during gameplay.

While NHL 24 introduces exciting changes, some fans may be disappointed that the beloved NHL 94 controls have been removed. However, it's worth noting that hybrid controls are expected to be added later in October, so this might alleviate some concerns. But only two control options are currently available, which might be a bit restrictive for players looking for a more accessible experience. The absence of more straightforward controls can be discouraging for newcomers. So, hopefully, they will bring back the NHL 94 controls option.

NHL 24 is undoubtedly a fun game, boasting excellent presentation, especially with its board and goal celebration presentation. The replays look fantastic, and adding a Battle Pass, while not groundbreaking, adds a layer of progression to the experience.

Unfortunately, the Franchise mode remains unchanged from NHL 23, which may disappoint fans looking for significant improvements in this area. But for those who don't know, you can change everything from player trades to the price of a hot dog as you try to please fans, owners, and players.

However, the game takes a big step forward with the improved goalie controls, making it feel more authentic and challenging. The pressure system, both for goalies and players, enhances the immersion factor by simulating the impact of high-pressure situations.

Regrettably, NHL 24 lacks the GM Connected mode and the ability to play a season or franchise mode with real-life roster options. You could play with current rosters in previous additions, so you didn't have to focus on trades. It allowed you to imitate the current NHL season. These omissions may disappoint fans who enjoy managing the game's virtual world.

In conclusion, NHL 24 is recommended for seasonal players seeking the latest hockey simulation experience. Newcomers to the franchise will also find it appealing, provided they can adapt to the current control options. The game's presentation, the pressure system, and the improvements to goalie gameplay make it feel like an accurate representation of hockey. I would love to see the return of GM Connected, Live Roster option for Season or Franchise mode. The menu seems a bit clunky, and the lack of NHL94 controls doesn't seem welcoming to a new player, and it's a notable drawback. I'm giving NHL 24 an 8/10.

The review was done on an Xbox Series S, and a key was provided by EA.