Nightmarket Games: A New Chapter in Gaming Begins

Epic Story Interactive has officially rebranded to Nightmarket Games, a change that comes on the heels of remarkable achievements, including surpassing 100 million downloads across their gaming portfolio. This rebrand signifies a transformative moment for the studio, heralding growth and renewed focus.

The rebrand includes a new logo, website, and updates to all outward-facing communications. Nightmarket Games aims to establish a more distinctive brand identity within its games while reassuring stakeholders that the core team and ownership remain unchanged. The new name pays homage to the team's Vancouver roots, evoking the experiences and memories of the city's famous night markets. Nightmarket Games seeks to replicate the joyful sense of discovery, adventure, and fun found in these markets within their games.

Ken Faier, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nightmarket Games expressed the significance of the rebrand, stating, "This rebranding marks a pivotal milestone in our journey, symbolizing not just our growth but our evolution into a studio that aims to dream bigger and challenge the conventional boundaries of storytelling and game design." Faier emphasized the studio's commitment to creating worlds where players are the heroes, offering adventures as diverse and dynamic as the community.

Dennis Leong, Chief Operating Officer of Nightmarket Games, shared his excitement for the future, stating, "Rebranding to Nightmarket Games mirrors our ambitious vision for what lies ahead—a future where our games are experiences to be lived and remembered fondly, not just played." Leong highlighted the studio's focus on broadening horizons, exploring new possibilities, and delivering unparalleled gaming experiences.

Chad Greenway, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, discussed the company's future direction, "We are eager to begin this new chapter by introducing our latest original title and new IP, 'TitanCrash,' starting with a soft launch this May. In addition, we are in discussions with several partners to further expand our licensed IP business."

Nightmarket Games' rebranding signifies more than just a name change; it represents a renewal of the company's commitment to its vision, team, and community. It marks the beginning of a new chapter, promising innovation, creativity, and the continued delivery of captivating gaming experiences.

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