Nine Dots Studio Announces Launch Window for Roguelike Title Lost in Prayer

Nine Dots Studio Announces Launch Window for Roguelike Title Lost in Prayer

Nine Dots Studio, the creators of the acclaimed survival RPG "Outward," have revealed the launch window for their upcoming roguelike PC title, "Lost in Prayer." Fans can look forward to testing their skills in this challenging game when it launches its Early Access in Q1 2025.

A Roguelike Experience Like No Other

True to the roguelike genre, "Lost in Prayer" promises a brutal yet rewarding experience. Players will need to think strategically and adapt to survive, as every decision carries immense weight. One misstep or poorly timed attack can lead to doom.

High Stakes and Strategic Gameplay

In "Lost in Prayer," players will explore treacherous environments where every step is a gamble with mortality. Survival requires more than just brute force; cunning and resourcefulness are key. Players can set traps, lure enemies into dangerous situations, and exploit weaknesses to overcome their foes. Successful encounters yield precious loot, increasing the chances of survival.

Unique Character Progression System

The game introduces an innovative twist in its character progression system: anything that kills the player becomes a playable character for future runs. Each character comes with unique skills and abilities, offering a diverse roster of combatants as players delve deeper into the cycle of life and death.

“For a decade now, I’ve wanted Nine Dots to bring its flavour to the roguelike genre,” says Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, CEO at Nine Dots Studio. “We’ve seen so much success with roguelites, but I was willing to bet big that the classic recipe can still expand its audience. Soon, we’ll see if I overestimated the market.”

Game Features

  • Embody Your Enemies: Everything that kills you becomes a playable character available for future runs.
  • Raid Hell or Heaven: Each universe has its unique landscape and creatures.
  • Cleverness Rewarded: Experiment with elaborate combos using push and pull mechanics to increase your chances of survival.

Community Engagement and Playtesting

Nine Dots Studio is actively seeking die-hard fans of the genre to playtest the game. Interested players can register on the game's Steam page.

Stay Updated

For more information and updates on "Lost in Prayer," watch the first dev diary to discover what makes a great roguelike game. Stay tuned for further updates and information as the launch date approaches.

About Nine Dots Studio

Nine Dots Studio is dedicated to creating innovative and challenging gaming experiences. With "Lost in Prayer," they aim to bring a unique twist to the roguelike genre, promising a game filled with variety, content, and a unique character progression system.

Prepare to face your demons, both literal and figurative, when "Lost in Prayer" launches on PC Early Access next year.

Lost in Prayer on Steam
Lost in Prayer is a traditional grid-based roguelike in which everything that kills you becomes playable. As a disembodied soul, possess the inhabitants of the afterlife to conquer either Heaven or Hell as you seek the final deliverance you were promised.