The Outlast Trials Unleashes Double the Danger in New PRIME TIME Event

The Outlast Trials Unleashes Double the Danger in New PRIME TIME Event
Image from Red Barrels

Renowned horror game developer Red Barrels has introduced the most perilous in-game event yet for The Outlast Trials, titled PRIME TIME. This new update, running from May 28 to June 18, pits players against two of the series' most terrifying antagonists simultaneously: Mother Gooseberry and Sergeant Coyle.

In this uniquely challenging event, players will face the daunting task of navigating escape-room-style Trials in 4-player co-op mode, all while being relentlessly pursued by the formidable duo of Mother Gooseberry and Sergeant Coyle. This event promises an elevated level of danger, as both villains have been upgraded with new abilities. Mother Gooseberry's drill now inflicts bleeding, a damage-over-time effect that can only be stopped with bandages, while Sergeant Coyle's electric baton can disable player abilities, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Prime Time Event Highlights

Event Dates: May 28 - June 18, 10:00 am EST

Key Features:

  • Double Trouble: Mother Gooseberry and Sergeant Coyle hunt players in the Trials, presenting a unique and deadly challenge.
  • Secondary Objective: Players can break Trial televisions for additional rewards and a sneak peek at future content.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn event tokens and unique cosmetic items by participating in the event.
  • New Evidence: Discover new documents within the Trials to uncover the secrets of the PRIME TIME program.

New Feature Updates

  • Mother Gooseberry's Upgrade: Her drill now causes bleeding, requiring players to use bandages to stop the damage over time.
  • Sergeant Coyle's Upgrade: His electric baton can now turn off player rigs and the upgradeable abilities on cooldown.
  • New Item: Bandages are essential for stopping bleeding effects.
  • Balance Change: Large Medicine spawn rates have been reduced and are now only found in locked containers.

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About Outlast
Hell is an experiment you can't survive in Outlast; a first-person survival horror game series developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history. Critically acclaimed for its immersive atmosphere, sound design, and full-frontal scares, the series soon became the leading horror game experience of its generation. The rules of the Outlast universe are simple – run, hide, or die trying.

Outlast, the original release, begins with an intriguing anonymous tip that leads you to explore the dark heart of Mount Massive Asylum, home to the secret experiments of the Murkoff Corporation. Whistleblower, the DLC continuation, tells the backstory to the atrocities found in Outlast and stretches past the events of the first game to show the final bloody chapter in Mount Massive Asylum's story. Outlast 2 places you deep in the wilderness where you discover the residents of Temple Gate and a corruption so profound that going mad may be the only sane thing to do.

About Red Barrels
Red Barrels is the studio behind the immersive indie horror series Outlast, a series that has terrified more than 37 million players worldwide. Based in Montréal, Red Barrel’s mission is to create unforgettable experiences that leave the player’s blood running cold. Red Barrels was founded by Philippe Morin (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune), David Chateauneuf (Lead level designer: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell: Conviction) and Hugo Dallaire (Art Director: Splinter Cell and Army of Two).