Thrilling Moments and Victorious Mayhem: My Experience at the OWL Grand Finals 2023

Thrilling Moments and Victorious Mayhem: My Experience at the OWL Grand Finals 2023

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the OWL Grand Finals, hosted by Toronto Defiant, that ran from September 28th to October 1st. It was a thrilling event where Overwatch enthusiasts gathered at Mattamy Athletic Centre in Toronto, a favorite spot among Toronto esports events.

For those unable to attend in person, the action was broadcast live on YouTube, allowing fans worldwide to join in and earn OWL perks. Additionally, there was excitement surrounding the unveiling of the new control map, Samoa, and the thrilling Creator Show Match featuring Team Johny vs. Team Jake.

In a remarkable run, the Florida Mayhem emerged as the champions, defeating the Houston Outlaws and claiming the grand prize of $1 million. The Outlaws, though not victorious, walked away with a commendable $400,000.

The Grand Finals featured a unique format, requiring teams to secure four maps instead of the traditional first-to-three format. The Mayhem achieved this without the need for a fifth map.

In the initial encounter on the Antarctic Peninsula, the Outlaws initially dominated, but the Mayhem staged a comeback, securing the first map with a well-timed Earthshatter on Happy's Bastion.

Transitioning to the Hybrid map, Blizzard World, the Outlaws took control and made significant progress, thanks to a Gravitic Flux-Configuration: Artillery combo. However, the Mayhem responded with strategic ultimates, especially MER1T's outstanding performance with Sojourn's Overclock. Despite the Outlaws' resilience, the Mayhem halted their advance midway through point C with a clever Mei Blizzard play by Checkmate. MER1T, named Grand Finals MVP, played a pivotal role, effectively utilizing Sojourn's ultimates and later switching to Bastion, leading the Mayhem to a 2-0 lead.

In the Flashpoint map, Suravasa, the Outlaws initiated a spirited comeback after an initial setback on the first point. Bernar's impressive performance on Orisa helped them regain ground. However, as the third point opened up, Someone's Gravitic Flux targeted four enemy players, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown on the final point, ultimately won by the Mayhem.

With a 3-0 lead for the Mayhem, the Outlaws faced a daunting challenge to stage a comeback and secure the championship. Esperan├ža served as the Push map, with Fearless stepping in as the Outlaws' tank. Despite a promising start, the Mayhem had a response ready, ultimately winning the map and completing their sweep to become the 2023 Overwatch League champions.

In the third-place match, the Hangzhou Spark defeated the Boston Uprising 3-0 in a highly entertaining contest, competing for an additional $95,000. The Boston Uprising received $130,000, while the Hangzhou Spark walked away with $225,000.

As the event concluded, It felt amazing to have been there to witness such an exhilarating championship. As an esports enthusiast, having such a significant tournament in our own city of Toronto was a dream come true. I have to extend a heartfelt thanks to Femme Gaming for making my attendance possible, and I eagerly look forward to future opportunities to connect more with the gaming community and relive such unforgettable experiences. With so much passion towards esports in our fair city of Toronto, I hope that we see more events like this in the near future.