"Par For The Dungeon": A Mini Golf Meets Dungeon Crawler Game, Now Available on PC

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of "Par for the Dungeon" – it's like mini golf met a dungeon adventure and created a whole new gaming experience, now waiting for you on your PC.

Say goodbye to the mundane world of traditional golf, because "Par for the Dungeon" is here to spice things up. Step into the shoes of the fearless Cal as they embark on a thrilling journey to take on the mischievous Bogeys and rescue kidnapped dogs. You'll be navigating through over 100 levels, where you'll have to combine putting, explosions, and some epic battles with a bunch of cool gadgets, including grapple hooks and laser beams.

This eye-catching golf puzzle game has been cooked up by the talented folks at Sleeping Giant, an indie studio chilling out in Toronto. It all started as a tiny idea during the Blackthornprod Game Jam in 2021, thanks to the creative genius of studio co-founder Josh Cappelli. And guess what? Over the past year, it's bloomed into a full-fledged game complete with four unique worlds and a massive 100+ levels!

And of course, don't forget to check out the game trailer, right here.

Just like traditional golf, the goal in "Par" is to guide our hero Cal, who happens to be a golf ball, into the hole with the least number of strokes. But, there's a twist! The path to victory is filled with quirky obstacles, mind-boggling contraptions, and those elusive Bogeys. Help Cal along with user-friendly controls and deck them out with some handy gear from the in-game store – think grapple hooks and laser wands. Join Cal on an adventure through charming towns, frosty crypts, and funky fungal forests as you tackle over 100 levels, each one showing off Sleeping Giant's unique style.

Now, you might already know the studio or "Par" itself, as the team has been sharing their journey on YouTube through a series of DevLogs. After spending three years on a super-secret project that sadly never saw the light of day, they're taking a completely different approach with their latest creation. They're giving you a peek behind the curtain, showing you all the nitty-gritty work that goes into making a game like "Par." You can dive into playtest sessions and even see how they put together the trailer linked above.

"Par for the Dungeon" is up for grabs on Steam, and it'll only set you back $4.99 USD. Plus, if you're more into mobile gaming, mark your calendar for November 21, 2023 – that's when it's dropping as a free-to-play mobile game. Ready to take a swing at it?

About Sleeping Giant
Sleeping Giant makes stylized, off-beat games that make people smile, perfectly exemplified by their inaugural 2019 mobile release, Farm Punks, a game which sees players shoot fruit out of a cannon and manage a mountaintop orchard of sentient trees. In the interim, they’ve worked alongside world renowned IPs, developed original titles, and have co-developed with other indie studios including Laundry Bear, Mighty Yell, Coat Sink, Bancy Co., and Copy Chaser.