Pavlov Shack: Your Ticket to VR Fun is Now Available on Quest Store

On November 14, 2023, Pavlov Shack, the wildly popular multiplayer VR shooter, officially launched on the Meta Quest Store, marking a significant milestone for the team-based tactical FPS game. Developed by Vankrupt Games, Pavlov Shack had initially made its mark in the VR gaming community through AppLab but has now transitioned into the official Meta Quest Store, available for $19.99.

Players could dive into the immersive world of Pavlov Shack on Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, experiencing the thrill of a team-based multiplayer VR shooter with over 65 fully interactable weapons and an array of game modes. The game, born from the success of its PC and PS5 predecessor Pavlov, had evolved since its 2017 release into a fully featured FPS game with diverse gameplay options.

With Pavlov Shack, players could compete against some of the best in the FPS VR community, engage in thrilling battles with friends, and leverage the game's extensive modding community to build their own mods. The launch came with the promise of community-driven development, building on Pavlov's legacy as a pioneer in FPS gameplay.

Dave Villz, Owner of Vankrupt Games, expressed excitement about the community's role in the game's evolution, stating, “Pavlov has been the pioneer in community-driven FPS gameplay, and we will continue to develop with the community in mind. We are looking forward to seeing what the community creates within this new version of Pavlov.””

In addition to the existing array of 300+ maps, Pavlov Shack is set to debut three new captivating locations:

  1. Harbor: This fresh addition is situated in a quaint coastal Swedish town where local fishermen and small cargo couriers once thrived before the insurgency began. Ideal for game modes like Search and Destroy, Team DeathMatch, and King of the Hill.
  2. Pinehill: Transport yourself to a Canadian logging company's compound, acting as a strategic forward base of operations for NATO. While tailored for Search and Destroy, Pinehill also seamlessly accommodates The Hide, Infection, Gun Game, and One in the Chamber.
  3. Container Yard: A beloved classic map makes a triumphant return, unfolding in a shipping container lot within a storage and transfer station based in Kentucky. Engage in thrilling game modes like TTT, The Hide, Infection, as well as Deathmatch on Container Yard.

Pavlov Shack delivers an immersive experience with a variety of fully developed game modes, including:

  • Search and Destroy: Team up in this classic 5v5 competitive mode, where attacking or defending the bomb objective requires precision, strategic positioning, and effective communication.
  • TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town): Employ your social deduction skills to uncover mysterious traitors in this casual murder mystery mode. Players must navigate different roles, objectives, and gadgets to identify the murderer or evade capture.
  • Zombies: Join forces with friends in this co-op mode, discovering new weapons and unraveling the map's secrets while surviving increasingly challenging waves of zombies.
  • Hide: Navigate a super-powered predator, controlled by the 10th player, as nine others attempt to find and eliminate individual players. Effective communication and careful observation are key to survival.
  • Prop Hunt: It's a game of hide and seek with a twist, as players transform into various objects around the map. The opposing team must identify and locate the suspicious objects that may be players, adding a unique spin to the classic game.

Additionally, Pavlov Shack offers traditional FPS game modes, providing players with the tried-and-true experiences of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Game, all enhanced by Pavlov's visceral gunplay in a more casual setting.

Pavlov Shack, available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro, supported 1-10 players and came with a price tag of $19.99 USD. The game is a testament to the evolution of VR gaming, offering an expansive and engaging experience for players seeking the next level of immersive gameplay.

About Vankrupt Games

Founded in 2019, Vankrupt Games was created after the success of Pavlov VR on Steam. What began as a single developer, the self-funded studio has grown to 25 team members producing cutting-edge VR game design.