Pistol Whip Descends into Madness Through Three New Scenes and an Entirely Fresh Music Genre

Pistol Whip Descends into Madness Through Three New Scenes and an Entirely Fresh Music Genre

Cloudhead Games, a veteran developer renowned for its virtual reality (VR) games, has unveiled the release date for the upcoming content update to their acclaimed Physical Action Rhythm VR game, Pistol Whip. The Elixir of Madness! collection introduces three brand-new Scenes, with the first one set to be accessible through a complimentary update on October 5th.

The Cloudhead Games team is delighted to continue their steadfast support for their flagship title Pistol Whip with its thirteenth cost-free content update, named Elixir of Madness! This milestone is significant, as it brings three fresh Scenes, promising a chilling thrill as players traverse through them.

Taking inspiration from vintage horror cinema and shady absinthe speakeasies, each new Scene features a distinct electroswing soundtrack, immersing players in a surreal journey through haunted mansions, nightmarish laboratories, and the depths of their own psyche.

Here are more details about the Elixir of Madness! Collection:

  • The first new Scene, accompanied by Odd Chap's "Halloween Party" jive, will debut on October 5th, while the second and third Scenes are scheduled for release on October 12th and 19th, respectively.
  • Three new weapons will be at players' disposal: the Sawed-off Shotgun, the Tommy Gun, and the delightfully wicked Skull Bludgeon.
  • The game will also introduce three fresh modifiers: the highly requested Laser Pointer, which attaches a laser sight to player weapons for enhanced accuracy; Glitch, an added challenge that encourages careful aim; and Bullet Graze, which rewards players for narrowly dodging bullets.

Tyler McCulloch, Game Director at Cloudhead Games, expressed, "Even though we just wrapped up the bombastic Overdrive Season, our team is still dedicated to finding new ways to surprise and excite our players, we’re looking forward to seeing how the community reacts to Elixir’s electroswing weirdness—especially our modders, as this update will also bring a hoard of new assets to the Pistol Mix modding tool. Enjoy!"

Pistol Whip's forthcoming content collection, Elixir of Madness!, will be accessible as a free update on October 5th on Quest 2, PlayStation®VR2, Pico, and Steam VR.

About Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip is a physical action-rhythm FPS game that has continued to see commercial success, remaining one of Quest and Steam’s top-selling VR games. Blast, duck, and dodge your way through fever dream Scenes, build unique rhythms in a ballet of bullets, and claim glory on the leaderboards. Since its launch, Pistol Whip has continued to dominate the charts with the addition of 20 songs as well as two incredible cinematic campaigns, the Styles system sandbox for endless replayability, Contracts, and party mode.

About Cloudhead Games
Cloudhead Games is the veteran VR studio behind Pistol Whip and the fantasy adventure series The Gallery, winner of over 30 awards and nominations including VR Game of the Year in 2018. Before Pistol Whip, Cloudhead Games partnered with industry-legend Valve to create Aperture Hand Lab, a humorous tech demo set in the Portal Universe, for the next-gen Valve Index. Always innovating, Cloudhead Games is also known for its early solutions in VR locomotion/comfort with Snap Turns and Teleportation, as well as VR motion capture and hand interactions.