PlayStation State of Play Recap: Death Stranding 2, Silent Hill, and More

PlayStation State of Play Recap: Death Stranding 2, Silent Hill, and More

PlayStation's latest State of Play livestream, spanning 40 minutes, offered an exciting glimpse into the future of gaming on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2. Here's a comprehensive recap of the critical game announcements and highlights from this event:

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

Kojima Productions revealed the sequel to Death Stranding, titled "Death Stranding 2: On the Beach." The trailer showcased Sam Bridges in new adventures, introducing strange characters, including a talking puppet. The game is set to release in 2025.

Hideo Kojima's New Game: PHYSINT

In collaboration with Sony, Kojima Productions is working on a "next-generation action-espionage game" named PHYSINT. This project aims to transcend the boundaries between games and movies, marking Kojima's return to the genre he pioneered with Metal Gear.

Stellar Blade

Hyung Tae Kim, the Director of Stellar Blade, has finally unveiled the much-anticipated gameplay trailer for the upcoming sci-fi epic. In this thrilling preview, players get an immersive look at the content awaiting them in the game, providing insight into the mechanics, core combat, and the unfolding narrative. After a patient wait, Kim is delighted to announce the official release date for Stellar Blade – mark your calendars for April 26, 2024, as the game lands exclusively on PS5. Preorders open on February 7, 2024, offering players a chance to secure exclusive bonuses and dive into the action-packed world of Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade invites players to embark on Eve's journey, a formidable warrior descending from an off-world colony to confront the mysterious Naytibas threatening humanity on Earth. The storyline introduces characters like Adam and Lily, forming a united front against the relentless Naytibas. The narrative unfolds in the last human city, Xion, connected to a semi-open world featuring the Wasteland and the Great Desert, each harbouring secrets and adventures. As Eve endeavours to restore Xion to its former glory by gathering Hyper Cells, players will explore a devastated world, encountering various characters and unlocking powerful skills, items, and cosmetics.

The game's immersive experience extends to the audio landscape, featuring a diverse range of music that complements different environments. Stellar Blade leverages the capabilities of the DualSense controller, using haptics and adaptive triggers to further immerse players in the gripping narrative. Preorders, opening on February 7, include enticing bonuses such as the Planet Diving Suit, Classic Round Glasses, and Ear Armor Earrings for Eve. The standard edition is priced at $69.99, while the Digital Deluxe edition, at $79.99, includes additional perks like the Stargazer Suit, Stargazer Wear, and much more. Get ready to reclaim Earth with Stellar Blade, a game that promises an unforgettable gaming experience and is set to redefine the sci-fi genre on April 26, 2024.

Sonic X Shadow Generations

Sonic the Hedgehog fans, rejoice! The iconic blue blur is returning triumphantly alongside his dark counterpart, Shadow, in the highly anticipated Sonic X Shadow Generations. This remastered collection combines classic and modern Sonic worlds, featuring a selection of beloved 2D and 3D levels from Sonic Generations, all meticulously remastered and expanded for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The announcement unveiled an exhilarating teaser, showcasing Sonic navigating a bustling city street with breathtaking speed, reminiscent of the electrifying platforming challenges that have defined the Sonic franchise.

Sonic X Shadow Generations promises to revive the nostalgic magic of Sonic Generations and introduces an entirely new standalone campaign centred around Shadow the Hedgehog. Fans can dive into this enigmatic character's mysterious and dark past, introduced initially in 2001's Sonic Adventure 2. With his incredible speed, ferocious strength, and unique Chaos Control ability, Shadow adds a compelling dimension to the gameplay. The storyline takes players on a journey through Shadow's motivations, providing an unprecedented opportunity to understand the character on a deeper level. Sonic and Shadow, the unfriendly rivals with a shared goal of protecting the world, are set to captivate longtime fans and newcomers with this ultimate celebration of Sonic gaming.

Takashi Iizuka, Creative Officer at Sonic Team, expressed the team's excitement, stating, "With Sonic X Shadow Generations, we wanted to bring Sonic Generations to PS5 and PS4 while pairing a brand-new Shadow storyline to crossover with the original story. With Shadow’s portion of the title, players will get to know him more as a character and understand his motivations. It will create the ultimate celebration of Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, and Shadow gameplay that all fans will surely enjoy." As Sonic and Shadow prepare to reunite in this remastered extravaganza, the gaming community eagerly awaits more details later this year, promising an unforgettable Sonic experience for everyone.


The countdown to the Foamstars release has begun, with just a week remaining until the exciting multiplayer action kicks off on February 6. Even more thrilling, Foamstars is set to launch as a PlayStation Plus February Monthly Game, allowing all active PlayStation Plus subscribers to enjoy the game at no additional cost. Starting March 5, Foamstars will be available for purchase at $29.99 for all PlayStation players.

During the recent State of Play, Square Enix unveiled the plans for Season 1, titled Starry Pop, and shared exciting details about the upcoming content additions to Foamstars.

Ranked Party – Compete Solo or with a Team:
Foamstars introduces two types of ranked matches—Ranked Party Lonestar for solo players and Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe for teams. Players can engage in these ranked matches each season to earn glorious in-game rewards, including unique player icons. With seven tiers ranging from Bronze Star to Party Legend, players can aim for the top and strive to become a Party Legend.

Extreme Party – Get Groovy with Crazy Rules:
Extreme Party events are limited-time occasions held over two weekends every season, featuring special rules that change with each season. In Starry Pop, players can experience two modes: one with all players using Mel T, and the other with all players invisible, requiring strategic gameplay as players seek out and eliminate opponents in invisibility.

Happy Friyay Party – Test Out Next Season’s Foamstar:
Twice a month on weekends, the Happy Friyay Party allows players to test the new Foamstar set to release in the following season. In Starry Pop, players can get a sneak peek at Coiff Guy during the Happy Friyay Party.

Season Pass Updates Every Season:
The Season Pass will be regularly updated, allowing players to increase their tier by earning XP from playing the game. Rewards will be unlocked as players climb the tiers, and those with the Premium Pass gain immediate access to certain rewards.

Style the Foamstars:
Foamstars offers a wide range of cosmetic skins for customization, available through unlocking for free or purchase. Season-limited skins will also be available for sale. Players can engage in these ranked matches each season , allowing players to give their Foamstars a unique and personalized look.

Upcoming Season Information:
Foamstars plans content updates over a year, with seasons updating approximately every month. Updates will include enhancements to the Season Pass, Ranked Party, Extreme Party, new skins, characters, maps, and game modes.

The Foamstars 2024 Season Roadmap outlines the schedule, with Season 1 running from February 6 to March 8. The roadmap promises a dynamic and ever-evolving experience, keeping players engaged with fresh content and exciting events. Get ready to join the Foamstars party on February 6 and enjoy the fast-paced foam-filled action.


"V Rising," an upcoming dark gothic fantasy game, is set to make its way to PlayStation 5, allowing players to immerse themselves in the role of a vampire. Here are some key features and aspects of the game:

  1. Setting and Story: Players wake up as a vampire after centuries of slumber, entering a world that has forgotten the fear of vampires. The goal is to explore the lands of Vardoran, hunt for blood to gain new abilities and establish a mighty castle to shield against deadly sunlight.
  2. Solo or Co-op Experience: "V Rising" offers a solo or co-op vampire experience that combines survival and action RPG elements. Players aim to climb from the bottom of the food chain to the top, using grit, cleverness, and force of will.
  3. Blood Empowerment: Blood is a central resource in the game, providing sustenance and empowering the player. By hunting elevated prey and battling over 50 fearsome bosses, players unlock powers and choose from various weapons and spells to suit their play style.
  4. Blood Types and Bonuses: Different blood types offer special bonuses, allowing players to tailor their strategy. For example, drinking "warrior blood" increases durability, while "rogue blood" enhances mobility for hit-and-run tactics.
  5. Open World Exploration: The game features a beautiful open world divided into six diverse regions, each with unique encounters. Players need to strategically navigate dynamic sunlight and face various challenges, including beasts, bandits, monsters, and followers of the Church of Luminance.
  6. Castle Building: The vampire's castle serves as a foundation of power, and players must strategically choose a plot to build their legacy. The castle acts as a magical engine where players can brew potions, craft weapons, and design their palace using blood-fueled resources.
  7. Multiplayer: Players can interact with friends in the game, either playing with or against them in the world of Vardoran.

"V Rising" offers a unique take on vampire mythology, blending survival elements with action RPG gameplay. With a focus on exploration, blood empowerment, and strategic castle building, the game aims to provide an engaging and atmospheric experience. Players can expect to delve into the dark and mysterious world of Vardoran when "V Rising" arrives on PlayStation 5.

Dave the Diver, Featuring Godzilla

"Dave the Diver" will debut on PlayStation this April, offering players a unique and engaging gaming experience. The game follows the adventures of Dave, a professional diver who explores the wonders of the Blue Hole during the day and serves customers at the seaside Bancho Sushi restaurant by night.

Key features of "Dave the Diver" include:

  1. Explore the Blue Hole: The game is set in a mysterious Blue Hole with ever-changing ecology and terrain. The unique style combines 2D pixels and 3D art to create a mesmerizing underwater world filled with different fish species and biomes.
  2. Serve up Delicious Dishes: Players can catch unique and delicious fish during their dives and then serve delectable dishes at Bancho Sushi. The restaurant management aspect adds depth to the gameplay as players interact with various customers and uncover heartwarming stories.
  3. Various Side Content: "Dave the Diver" offers multiple activities, including photographing underwater life, collecting unique cards, cultivating a farm, and more. The game continually unlocks new content as players progress, providing fresh and exciting experiences.
  4. Immersive Combat with DualSense: On PlayStation 5, the game leverages the DualSense controller's haptics for a realistic feeling of a hooked fish tugging the line. The adaptive triggers respond differently based on the weapon used, enhancing the combat and fishing experience.
  5. Free Godzilla DLC: A free Godzilla DLC will be released in May, introducing the iconic King of the Monsters into the Blue Hole. Players can expect even more enormous threats lurking in the depths.

"Dave the Diver" received praise in 2023 from both players and critics. The combination of underwater exploration, sushi restaurant management, and various side activities makes it a highly anticipated title for PlayStation players.

A free Godzilla DLC in May adds an extra layer of excitement, promising encounters with colossal creatures in the depths of the Blue Hole. "Dave the Diver" is poised to provide a captivating and diverse gaming experience when it launches on PS5 and PS4 in April.

Zenless Zone Zero

"Zenless Zone Zero" is an upcoming urban fantasy action RPG developed by Hoyoverse. The game is set in a world where contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster called the Hollows. New Eridu, the last surviving urban civilization, thrives by extracting valuable resources from the Hollows, but perilous monsters roam within. Only Agents who resist Hollow corruption can explore these dangerous areas. Players take on the role of a Proxy, guiding Agents in their exploration of the Hollows.

Key features of "Zenless Zone Zero" include:

  1. Living City of New Eridu: The game's central city, New Eridu, is a living and breathing location with lore and mysteries. The town embraces hospitality, openness, and freedom, providing a home for disaster refugees, the displaced, and survivors. Each area within New Eridu has its own story, and players will encounter characters from various backgrounds, making decisions and interactions pivotal to the narrative.
  2. Navigating the Hollows: Navigating the dangerous Hollows is a central aspect of the game. Players, as Proxies, guide Agents through complex and unpredictable areas filled with hidden treasures, resources, and menacing monsters. The Hollow Deep Dive (H.D.D.) system turns the television into the Hollow's maze, providing a thrilling exploration experience. Managing connections with New Eridu's inhabitants is essential for a prosperous journey.
  3. Exhilarating Combat System: The combat system is dynamic and exhilarating, blending accessibility with depth. It is designed to be intuitive for newcomers while offering strategic depth for experienced gamers. The emphasis is on skill dodging, precise timing, and synergy between characters. Players can discover hidden maneuvers and powerful combos through extensive gameplay.

"Zenless Zone Zero" promises an extraordinary journey in a post-disaster world filled with mysteries and challenges. The game will come to PS5, offering players a unique and immersive experience. Players can anticipate engaging in exploration, combat, and forging connections within the vibrant city of New Eridu. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Konami has made a surprise announcement during State of Play, revealing the release of Silent Hill: The Short Message, a new, short-form title in the Silent Hill series. The game is free on PS5, providing players with a taste of the horror experience Silent Hill is known for. Silent Hill: The Short Message features a young, contemporary protagonist and is an experimental project for the development team to explore new ideas and enhance their horror game expertise. The game addresses contemporary issues related to online communication, social media, and modern youth's challenges.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is designed to be a modern Silent Hill experience that delves into psychological horror elements influenced by the struggles of young individuals dealing with societal pressures, online hate, bullying, and isolation. The game aims to convey a message of hope, highlighting how even small acts of kindness can make a significant difference in the lives of those facing adversity.

In addition to the surprise release, Konami also shared a new trailer for the highly anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake. The trailer provides fresh gameplay footage, building anticipation for the remake. Konami expressed its commitment to sharing more details about the Silent Hill 2 remake in the future.

This surprise release of Silent Hill: The Short Message and the new trailer for Silent Hill 2 remake are exciting developments for Silent Hill fans, offering a new experience and a glimpse into the updated version of a beloved classic. Players can dive into Silent Hill: The Short Message for free on PS5 and look forward to more information about the Silent Hill 2 remake in the coming updates.

Silent Hill 2

Konami and Bloober Team's remake of Silent Hill 2 was showcased, emphasizing combat and psychological horror elements. The game is set to release on PS5 and Windows PC in 2024.


Ghost Story Games has unveiled a new title called "Judas," which is set to be released on PS5. In this game, players take on the role of Judas and are given the agency to shape the narrative through their decisions. The experience is designed to be driven by player choices, allowing them to influence the story and interact with a fresh cast of characters.

Judas is set in the Mayflower, a spacefaring city where citizens are conditioned to spy on each other, leading to a society marked by mistrust and conflict. The game's narrative unfolds in a world where machines control various aspects of life, from business to art and government. The protagonist, Judas, plays a pivotal role in a revolution that challenges the oppressive systems in place on the Mayflower.

Players can decide whether to repair the damage caused by the revolution or let everything crumble. The emphasis on player agency and exploring a dystopian setting make Judas an intriguing addition to Ghost Story Games' portfolio.

The announcement provides a glimpse into the distinctive world of Judas, promising players an immersive experience with impactful decision-making at its core. As more details emerge, fans can anticipate a unique and engaging narrative adventure on the PS5 platform.

Metro: Awakening

Samar Louwe, Associate Game Director at Vertigo Games, has unveiled an exciting project during the recent State of Play, and it's sure to send shivers down the spines of Metro series fans. With the support of Deep Silver, Vertigo Games has been diligently working for the past two and a half years to bring the post-apocalyptic world of Metro to PS VR2 in 2024. Metro Awakening is an all-new VR game exclusively made for PS VR2, powered by its immersive features and Sense controllers.

Set as an origins story before the events of Metro 2033, Metro Awakening invites players to step into the gas mask of Serdar, a doctor searching for his wife in the irradiated metro tunnels of post-apocalyptic Moscow. Written by series creator Dmitry Glukhovsky, the game is set in 2028. It promises a gripping narrative that will test the courage and sanity of players as they encounter supernatural forces in the depths of the metro tunnels.

True to the core of the Metro series, Metro Awakening is an intense first-person adventure that seamlessly blends survival, stealth, and combat. Players will navigate the claustrophobic tunnels, fumbling for filters to protect against radiation, charging headlamps in the dark, and manually reloading weapons while facing various threats. With the addition of adaptive triggers and headset haptics on PS VR2, the game aims to deliver a heightened level of immersion, providing tactile sensations to actions like pulling triggers and getting hit by bullets.

The VR experience promises to be visceral, with nuances that amplify the sense of realism. Whether sneaking through shadows, aiming a pistol at oblivious enemies, or facing the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world, Metro Awakening seeks to capture the heart-pounding FPS gameplay of the Metro series in a VR setting. Stay tuned for more details as the release date approaches later in 2024, and prepare for an immersive journey into the haunting world of Metro on PS VR2.

Legendary Tales

"Legendary Tales," developed by Urban Wolf Games, is an upcoming dark fantasy RPG set to be released on PlayStation VR2 later this year. The game boasts various features that aim to provide players with an immersive and captivating multiplayer VR experience. Here are some critical aspects of the game:

  1. Multiplayer VR Experience: "Legendary Tales" is designed as a multiplayer VR game from the ground up. The goal is to immerse players in the world with features and gameplay elements tailored explicitly for virtual reality. Players can engage in co-op play with friends, execute unique attacks like powerbombing enemies, and utilize physics-based combat.
  2. Physics-Based Fighting: The game emphasizes a physics-based combat system, intending to make every hit feel impactful. The hard-hitting parrying system contributes to the overall satisfaction of combat, allowing players to feel the power of their strikes through the reaction of their enemies. Players can use shields to push enemies back or adopt a Taichi master playstyle.
  3. Traits and Skill Trees in VR: "Legendary Tales" reimagines traits and skill trees in the VR environment. The game aims to offer freedom in playstyle by avoiding traditional class systems. Players can shape their characters according to their preferences, choosing skills and attributes that suit their desired playstyle.
  4. Dark Fantasy Dungeons and Quests: Set in a dark fantasy world, the game features dungeons, quests, monsters, and bosses. Each type of monster has its fighting method and style, requiring players to master various strategies for effective combat. The game also incorporates crafting, allowing players to create powerful weapons and shields.
  5. Unique PS VR2 Features: "Legendary Tales" takes advantage of PlayStation VR2's immersive features, including 4K HDR, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, headset haptics, and Ultra-Sharp Dynamic Foveation Rendering. The game aims to deliver a visually stunning experience with a native 90 FPS frame rate.

The developers have put effort into making the game challenging, targeting players who seek an arduous journey in the fantasy world. "Legendary Tales" is scheduled for release on PlayStation VR2 on February 8, offering players a chance to embark on legendary adventures.

Dragon's Dogma 2

In a thrilling revelation during the latest State of Play, the newest Dragon’s Dogma 2 trailer has unveiled captivating details about the highly anticipated game. Set to release on March 22, 2024, Dragon’s Dogma 2 promises to introduce many exciting features, including the brand new Warfarer vocation, vocation masters, and the enigmatic dragon's plague.

The Warfarer vocation takes center stage, allowing players to wield a greatsword, cast high-level magick, and utilize illusions to deceive enemies. This ultimate vocation is exclusive to the main character, the Arisen, and allows for seamless switching between the weapons of other vocations. The Warfarer can master all weapon types and core skills of various vocations, creating a dynamic combat experience. However, players must carefully manage basic stats and carry multiple weapons to unlock the vocation's full potential, making it essential to adapt and exploit strengths in different situations.

Adding depth to character progression, Dragon’s Dogma 2 introduces vocation maisters—masters of specific vocations scattered across the game world. Deepening relationships with these maisters unlocks unique tomes and "maister’s teachings," allowing players to acquire new vocations or unique skills. The maisters provide an additional layer of strategy and customization as players seek to align themselves with these skilled mentors.

A mysterious element known as the dragonsplague adds a compelling twist to the gameplay. This contagious disease-like status infects Pawns under specific conditions, enhancing their basic stats and altering behaviour. The dragonsplague evolves through different stages, initially offering improved abilities and confidence but leading to potential calamity later. Players must decide whether to seek a cure for their afflicted Pawns or embrace the newfound strength that comes with the dragonsplague, introducing an intriguing element of choice and consequence to the game.

As Dragon’s Dogma 2 unfolds, players can expect a rich and immersive experience with the Warfarer vocation, vocation masters, and the unpredictable dragon's plague. Pre-orders for the Standard Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition are now available on the PlayStation Store, inviting players to embark on an epic journey into a world filled with mystery, danger, and strategic choices. March 22, 2024, can't come soon enough for fans eagerly anticipating the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Rise of the Ronin

Today marks an exciting revelation as Team Ninja unveils a fresh look at the dynamic gameplay of Rise of the Ronin. This title promises an expansive open world teeming with tense combat opportunities interwoven with a rich and intricate storyline. The latest gameplay trailer showcases freeform traversal options, combat mechanics, and the nuanced development of character relationships based on the player's actions.

Engage in combat as a Ronin with a diverse arsenal of weapons, featuring Team Ninja's signature swordplay, Japanese spears, ranged firearms, and even hybrid Japanese-western weapons. The flamethrower-like Fire Pipe and versatile Grappling Rope add strategic depth to battles, allowing players to roast groups, deflect blades, or perform stealthy takedowns. Timing is crucial, as demonstrated in a heated fight between swordsmen, emphasizing the importance of stance selection, blocking, and well-timed parries.

Traversing the late 19th-century Japanese landscape offers players a multitude of choices. The grappling rope facilitates rooftop scaling and rapid elevation changes, while a trusty horse provides swift transportation across open fields. The Avicula, a marvel of engineering, introduces a new dimension to traversal – deploying wings midair for gliding, sprinting across rooftops, and surprising enemies with a stealthy descent.

Player choice takes center stage in Rise of the Ronin, impacting the game world through actions during story missions. The trailer highlights a pivotal moment where the player chooses to aid a character named Igashichi against hostile guards, forging a bond that deepens the player's connection with Igashichi and unlocks additional game features. These choices extend to other characters, such as Ryoma Sakamoto, showcased in a previous trailer, shaping the unfolding narrative and offering diverse story paths without disadvantageous consequences for players.

Immerse yourself in this captivating world inspired by a compelling era in Japanese history as you embody a Ronin and shape your fate. Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22, 2024, inviting players to experience the freedom of choice and the thrill of combat in an intricately crafted open world.

Until Dawn Remastered

Get ready to relive the spine-chilling horror of Blackwood Mountain with the enhanced version of Until Dawn, a classic that has stood the test of time as a genre-defining experience. Developed by the passionate team at Ballistic Moon and rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, this upgraded edition is set to hit both PS5 and PC later this year. A labour of love from horror enthusiasts, film fanatics, and seasoned game developers, the enhanced Until Dawn promises to elevate an already iconic horror title's emotional depth, visual aesthetics, and auditory experience.

With improvements across the board, Until Dawn in Unreal Engine 5 boasts new and refined animations that build upon the success of the original character performances. Characters, environments, and VFX have received upgrades, delivering a truly enhanced cinematic horror adventure. The developers have utilized a broader cinematic tonal colour palette and introduced new perspectives to add nuance and emotion to the gripping storyline. Adding a third-person camera allows players to explore both enhanced and new locations, uncovering fresh interactions and collectibles as they delve into the mysteries of Blackwood Mountain.

To further immerse players in the terror, Until Dawn's sound has undergone a massive overhaul, featuring a new score from the legendary horror composer Mark Korven. The goal is to maintain the narrative integrity of the original while seizing the opportunity to expand upon unexplored emotional facets of the story. The enhanced version promises to let players truly feel the experience of that fateful night through contextual character movement animations and a gripping atmosphere.

As fans await more news about this enhanced version, they can also look forward to the newly announced film adaptation of Until Dawn by PlayStation Productions and Sony’s Screen Gems. Directed by David F. Sandberg (known for Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation) and with a screenplay by Gary Dauberman (It: Chapter Two, The Nun, The Nun II) and Blair Butler (The Invitation), the Until Dawn universe is set to terrify audiences across different mediums. Stay tuned for more spine-tingling updates as the enhanced Until Dawn and its film adaptation prepare to unleash terror again.

This State of Play event offered a diverse lineup of games, ranging from highly anticipated sequels to surprises and remastered classics. Players can look forward to an exciting year of gaming on PlayStation platforms.