Project Winter: Game Update: Easter Delights and Exciting Changes in Store!

Easter may have come and gone, but the Easter spirit lives on in our latest game update! We're excited to introduce new features, a revamped store, balancing changes, bug fixes, and new cosmetics to keep the excitement going.

New Features

One of the highlights of this update is the introduction of the Abandoned Ranger objective. Survivors must repair an abandoned ranger-style escape vehicle while dealing with signal boosters transmitting a radio frequency that blocks contact with their escape vehicle. This objective is currently available in Custom Mode for community feedback and will be added to Normal Mode once fully balanced.

Store & Drops Refresh

We've given the store a new look to make navigation more accessible and intuitive. Players can now scroll through categories or use icons to jump to specific categories. Additionally, the Drops page allows players to see what items are available in a particular crate, helping them make informed decisions on whether to purchase a Drop.

Bug Fixes

We've addressed several ghost bugs, including collision issues with ghost bears, grammatical errors in on-screen text, and problems with ghost bears damaging themselves or picking up items while transformed. We've also fixed incorrect translations for non-English languages, crashes related to players leaving simultaneously, and back-end bugs affecting Demo players.


We've made balancing changes to the Ally role, introducing a delay before the Ally knows their Allied Player and allowing Allies to be on any team (Survivor, Traitor, or Neutral). We've also adjusted the Wild Spirit ability, introducing a cooldown for the roaring attack, among other changes. Voice chat is now muted for the ghost bear while using Wild Spirit, and ghost bears will no longer see player names or different player models while in their Wild Spirit form.


For April and May, players can expect to see new Easter-themed cosmetics in-store and an Easter Progression Tree to unlock even more festive items.

Get ready to dive back into the game and experience these exciting updates!