'Psycho Fear' Trailer Revealed at Gamescom 2023 by Dark Panda and Equinox Games.

Dark Panda and Equinox Games reveal trailer for new horror escape room game.

'Psycho Fear' Trailer Revealed at Gamescom 2023 by Dark Panda and Equinox Games.

Inspired by the acclaimed Saw horror movie series, Dark Panda and Equinox Games have teamed up to reveal a new trailer for their highly anticipated horror-themed escape room game, "Psycho Fear" at Gamescom 2023.

Both gaming enthusiasts and lovers of the horror genre can now be treated to a fresh sneak peek into the eerie universe of "Psycho Fear." Unveiling this recently launched teaser allows players to savor a teasing glimpse of the fear-inducing escapade that awaits them. Enriched with captivating visuals and an eerily immersive musical backdrop, this teaser effectively establishes the ambiance for a pulse-pounding expedition into uncharted territory.

Complementing the teaser's revelation, Dark Panda and Equinox Games have introduced an innovative feature that is set to revolutionize player engagement within the game – the Karma System. This ingenious gameplay component possesses the ability to dynamically respond to the choices made by players throughout the game, effectively molding the storyline and eventual outcomes based on the moral judgments they exercise. The accumulation or depletion of karma points plays a pivotal role in the game's mechanics. This karma score significantly impacts the level of challenge and even tailors the conclusion of the game, offering a spectrum of three potential endings.

The game is set for a Q2 2024 release date, but you can check out, wishlist, and keep up with developer updates on the game's Steam page now.

For more details check out the developer websites:

Dark Panda -  http://darkpanda.studio
Equinox Games Website - https://eqx.co