Quest to Conquer Cancer 2023: Over $185,000 Raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

In a remarkable display of community solidarity, the annual "Quest to Conquer Cancer" campaign in 2023 exceeded all expectations, raising over $185,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. Organized by Digital Extremes and driven by the passionate Warframe community, this event showcased the power of collective giving and determination in the fight against cancer.

Tenno Unite for a Common Cause

The Warframe community, known as the Tenno, once again demonstrated their incredible generosity and commitment to making a difference. Through charitable donations and the sale of limited edition Conqueror Merchandise, Tenno raised an impressive $125,646.54 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Digital Extremes, the developer behind Warframe, expressed their immense pride and gratitude to the community. They recognized the dedication of Warframe Creators, who hosted Quest to Conquer Cancer streams throughout October, playing a crucial role in the campaign's success. This partnership exemplified the strength of collaboration and the shared vision of conquering cancer.

Beyond the direct contributions from the Warframe community, Digital Extremes contributed significantly to the cause. Net proceeds from the sale of Conquera Charity Merchandise, including items like the Conquera Toque and Tumbler Cup, generated $20,057.46(CAD), which was donated on behalf of the players. In addition, inspired by the spirit and generosity of the Tenno, Digital Extremes donated an additional $40,000(CAD) to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, bringing the total raised by Team Warframe to $185,704.

Unlocking Rewards and Giving Back

As a token of appreciation for the incredible support and donations from the Warframe community, the Quest to Conquer Cancer campaign offered various in-game rewards and benefits. These rewards served as an acknowledgment of the collective effort and provided players with exciting bonuses. Some of the rewards included:

  1. Conquera Twitch & Discord Emotes: Now available year-round on the Official Warframe Discord server and Twitch channel.
  2. Conquera United Sigil & Conquera United Glyph: Redeemable using the code "CONQUERA2023" in the in-game Market or other designated methods.
  3. Forma (Built): Three were available during specific in-game Alerts, enhancing gameplay and customization options.
  4. Conquera 2023 Community Display: An exclusive in-game display available for an extended period.
  5. 3-Day Affinity Booster Weekend: A special weekend event to boost affinity gain.
  6. Warframe Slot + 2x Weapon Slot: Additional inventory space for your in-game items.
  7. Umbra Forma (Built): A rare and valuable item obtainable through in-game Alerts.
  8. Conquera UI Background and Theme: Customize your in-game interface with these exclusive designs.
  9. Whispers in the Wall Concept Art Reveals: An exclusive sneak peek at upcoming content.
  10. Stretch Goal Rewards: Additional concept art reveals based on the total funds raised.

A Collective Triumph

The Quest to Conquer Cancer 2023 campaign is a powerful reminder of the incredible impact the gaming community can have when they unite for a common cause. Cancer is a formidable adversary, but the collective spirit and generosity of the Tenno have proven once again that no challenge is insurmountable when we stand together.

Digital Extremes and the Warframe community have set an inspiring example for charitable endeavours within the gaming world. The $185,000 raised for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation will undoubtedly contribute to groundbreaking research and support for cancer survivors.

As the campaign concluded, the organizers thanked all the Tenno for their unwavering support and generosity. For those who still wish to make a difference, the Official QTCC page remains open for donations, and the spirit of giving continues to thrive within the Warframe community. Together, they have proven that the quest to conquer cancer is an ongoing battle they are more than willing to fight.