Rack and Slay: A Unique Roguelike Experience Where You Play as a Billiard Ball

Rack and Slay is an upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler with a twist – you play as a billiard ball! Developed by Ludokultur with art by Estivador and published by 2 Left Thumbs, this game offers a fresh take on the genre with its unique concept and gameplay mechanics.

In Rack and Slay, you aim to push monster balls into holes or traps in randomly generated levels. To aid you in this task, you can draft from a large variety of over 100 items, each with stackable, game-changing effects. By finding combos and building your synergies, you can customize your playstyle and tackle the challenges that await you in the dungeon.

One of Rack and Slay's standout features is its quick-play nature. The game offers a suite of customization options, allowing you to scale the difficulty so that runs can take 5 to 30 minutes. This makes it perfect for quick gaming sessions or players looking for a fast-paced roguelike experience.

Key Features of Rack and Slay include:

  • 111 game-changing items to discover and utilize
  • Multiple game modes, including Crawl, Delve, Raid, and Wild Modes
  • 20 difficulty levels to suit your skill level
  • Randomized Daily Runs for endless replayability
  • Preset Challenge Runs to test your skills
  • Complete Item Compendium to track your discoveries and strategies

Release Details:

Players eager to try out Rack and Slay can play the demo on Steam now, with no embargo on demo coverage. The game will be released on Steam on May 27th, 2024, with a release price of $5.99. A launch discount is also planned, offering players a chance to experience this unique roguelike at a reduced price.

With its unique concept, engaging gameplay, and a wealth of customization options, Rack and Slay is shaping to be a standout title in the roguelike genre. Whether you're a fan of dungeon crawlers or just looking for something new and exciting, Rack and Slay promises to deliver a fun and challenging experience unlike any other.