'Random Acts of Madness' Released by Silver Dice

'Random Acts of Madness' Released by Silver Dice

Silver Dice Games Inc., a Vancouver-based game studio, has recently launched its debut VR game titled 'Random Acts of Madness' (RAM). This innovative VR game blends physical and mental challenges in a vibrant and psychedelic world.

In RAM, players journey to a mysterious castle, encountering challenges presented by mischievous Henchmen along a narrow path. What makes RAM unique is its control system, which translates real-life jogging movements into in-game motion, ensuring a seamless and comfortable VR experience.

Henchmen Challenges occur on Showdown Rings and test players' logic and reflexes with quick-thinking microgames, including puzzles and interactive actions like throwing explosive critters and feeding hungry flying pigs.

As players progress, they face a formidable 'Sky Serpent Battle' at the end of the path, with each new path revealing a different environment, fresh Henchmen challenges, and increased difficulty levels.

Players earn in-game currency called Royal Offsprings (RO) on their journey, which can be exchanged for upgrades and rewards at the Royal Palace, enhancing the immersive experience.

RAM is designed with accessibility in mind, offering a less physically demanding option for those who can't jog in place, ensuring a broad audience can enjoy the game's fun and excitement.

Drawing inspiration from titles like WiiFit and Wario Ware, RAM caters to both casual and active gamers, promising diverse gameplay within its unique, absurd universe.

Available on AppLab for just $15, RAM is a must-try VR game that offers exceptional value. Embark on your RAM journey today and explore this world of madness and joy. For updates and more information, visit their website at https://www.silverdice.ca/.

About Silver Dice Games Inc.
Silver Dice Games is a Vancouver-based game development company composed of several creative and technical minds from all walks of life with years of experience in both the video game and film industry. Together we are focused on working within genres and gameplay mechanics not yet seen in VR that overcome the hurdles of motion sickness without sacrificing immersion. With games like RAM we are creating simple and intuitive experiences that are easy to pick up, hard ro put down, and inviting for all to enjoy.

Store Page: https://www.meta.com/experiences/3883893194965986/
Discord: https://discord.gg/pETuwPSe
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@silverdice
Website: https://www.silverdice.ca/