A Must-Play Fairytale Adventure: Ravenlok Review

Ravenlok, the epic finale to Cococucumber's Voxel Trilogy, takes players on a whimsical journey through a fairytale kingdom plagued by a corrupted queen. As the culmination of the studio's voxel-based endeavours, Ravenlok weaves a captivating narrative reminiscent of classic tales, presenting a fresh twist on the Alice in Wonderland saga.

Visual Splendor

Cococucumber's commitment to voxel graphics shines in Ravenlok. The game's distinct art style enhances every inch of the fantastical world, from the bright farmhouse to the mysterious Wonderland. The 3D voxel graphics are a visual treat, offering a unique and charming atmosphere that sets Ravenlok apart.

Basic Combat, Yet Empowering

The combat in Ravenlok is straightforward, with early access to a sword and shield. While basic, the combat evolves as players progress, unlocking new abilities. Despite lacking significant challenges, the combat system creates a power fantasy, making players feel unstoppable, especially in the memorable boss fights.

Unique Inventory System

Although unconventional, the inventory system adds an exciting element to the gameplay. Pausing the action for potion selection and bomb usage may feel cumbersome, but it introduces a strategic layer to encounters. The emphasis on the sword and shield remains, although the game's short length might make it less bothersome.

Quests and Puzzles

Ravenlok's main focus lies in completing quests and solving puzzles, providing a satisfying experience despite their simplicity. The game introduces a variety of quests, from collecting teacups for the Mad Hatter to crafting acid bombs for laboratory exploration. While lacking in difficulty, these quests contribute to the game's entertaining flow.

Short and Sweet Adventure

Ravenlok's brevity might deter some players, but it works to the game's advantage, ensuring a consistently engaging experience. Clocking in at around five hours for main and side content, it's a perfect game for a quick, enjoyable session, especially for those who prefer a filler-free, momentum-driven adventure.

Aesthetic Restriction

One notable drawback is the restrictive camera, preventing full rotation during certain sections. This limitation can obscure the player's vision, proving to be an annoyance. However, beyond this flaw, Ravenlok stands strong without significant drawbacks.

Achievement Paradise

For achievement hunters, Ravenlok is a goldmine. The game generously awards Xbox achievements, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to fulfill their achievement quests on Xbox Game Pass. The frequent pop-ups add a touch of humour to the overall experience.

Ravenlok was a beautiful delight and the perfect game for speedrunners, young players and those seeking a fun and charming game. Another thing I would like to note is that the music is breathtaking. Its niche is a delightful, accessible adventure. Ravenlok is a lovely addition that offers a brief yet thoroughly enjoyable escape into a fairytale world. I'm giving Ravenlok an 8/10.