Red Bull Kumite Canadian Qualifier Finals: Zhen Emerges Victorious, Headed to New York City

On March 16-17, 16 of the world's best Street Fighter 6 players gathered in New York City for the prestigious Red Bull Kumite tournament. Hosted at the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn, this event aimed to crown the ultimate Street Fighter 6 champion.

The journey to the Red Bull Kumite for these players began with national qualifiers, including the Red Bull Kumite Canadian Qualifier Finals held by Red Bull Canada. The stakes were high as the winner of this qualifier would earn the opportunity to represent Canada in the global tournament.

IFCYipes, Tasty Steve, Woolie and Rooflemonger

The Red Bull Kumite Canadian Qualifier Finals were nothing short of spectacular. The matches were intense and thrilling, with legendary commentators IFCYipes and Tasty Steve providing expert analysis. Notable analysts Woolie and Rooflemonger added to the excitement, offering insights into the players' strategies and gameplay.

One of the event's highlights was the unique setup and production value that Red Bull is known for. Attendees not only witnessed top-tier gameplay but also had the opportunity to enjoy casual play and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

A special guest appearance by Capcom Cup Top 8 player Sayff added to the excitement, showcasing the high level of talent at the event.


As the battles unfolded, four players emerged as the top contenders: Kaymin, MikeX, Zhen, and Joe Umerogan. Each match was fiercely contested, often coming down to the final round in a best-out-of-five format.

Ultimately, Zhen emerged victorious, securing his place as Canada's representative at the Red Bull Kumite in New York City. His skill, determination, and strategic gameplay were commendable, and he will surely make Canada proud on the global stage.

The road to victory was difficult for Zhen, who faced tough competition from his fellow Canadian players. Kaymin, known for his precise execution and strategic mind, fought bravely but ultimately fell short in the final rounds. MikeX, a crowd favourite with his flashy playstyle and unorthodox tactics, also gave Zhen a run for his money but could not secure the win. Joe Umerogan, a rising star in the Street Fighter 6 scene, showed great promise but could not overcome Zhen's dominance.


Congratulations to Zhen and all the players who competed in the Red Bull Kumite Canadian Qualifier Finals. Your passion for Street Fighter 6 and dedication to your craft are genuinely inspiring. We look forward to seeing Zhen compete against the world's best at the Red Bull Kumite in New York City.

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