Reflections on The Game Awards 2023

Reflections on The Game Awards 2023

The curtains have closed on The Game Awards 2023, leaving a trail of excitement and disappointment. Congratulations echoed for the nominees and winners, and yet, as the confetti settled, a discernible sense of dissatisfaction lingered in the air.

Being fortunate enough to attend this year's award show, the unique blend of networking, seeing familiar faces, and the promise of groundbreaking announcements held promise. The revelations, especially those from Sega and the breathtaking visuals of Hellblade II, sparked awe. However, the celebratory atmosphere turned toward Hollywood glitz, disheartening some attendees.

One prevalent sentiment was the overshadowing of winners by celebrity presenters, who often took their time, leaving the victors with a mere 60 seconds to express their joy and gratitude. Larian Studios, the winners of the coveted Game of the Year, found themselves rushed, missing a golden opportunity to announce the availability of their game on Xbox, impacting both their recognition and Xbox's visibility.

Despite assurances from Geoff Keighley that the timing rule would be relaxed, the reality needed to reflect this adjustment. I hope the 10th annual Game Awards will address this discrepancy, allowing winners the time they deserve on stage.

A call for change also extends to the show's participants. The plea is for a more prominent presence of creators, developers, and industry figureheads rather than heavily relying on celebrities. The essence of The Game Awards, rooted in the gaming community's passion, risks being diluted by the allure of Hollywood-style glamour.

Beyond the glitz, there's a yearning for the show to embrace its potential as a platform for addressing industry issues. While 2023 was one of the best gaming years, the shadows of nearly 10,000 layoffs* cast a stark contrast. The absence of acknowledgment or discussion during the event left a void that could have been filled with meaningful dialogue about the industry's challenges.

Acknowledging Geoff Keighley's immense effort in orchestrating these shows and preserving the event's identity is crucial. The Game Awards has united the gaming community for nine years, fostering anticipation and surprise. As we approach the 10th annual installment, hopes are high that it will recapture the essence of its origins, a celebration born from the love and passion for video games.

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