Remix Rumble Jams: Your Soundtrack to TFT Glory

Remix Rumble Jams: Your Soundtrack to TFT Glory

The latest set in Teamfight Tactics, Remix Rumble, is a celebration of strategic gameplay and an ode to the diverse world of music. The accompanying soundtrack, a dynamic symphony that mirrors the in-game action, is now available for fans. Riot Games is excited to announce the release of the Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble Original Soundtrack Album.

With 29 genre-defying tracks, the soundtrack spans Punk, Emo, Disco, EDM, and more, even featuring remixes by the renowned DJ Steve Aoki. This musical masterpiece is up for grabs at no cost on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music.

The tracklist includes a variety of titles like "REMIX RUMBLE (Steve Aoki Remix)" by Steve Aoki & Kole Hicks, "The Stage is Set (Carousel)" by Jason Walsh, and "Follow the Music (Base)" by Kole Hicks & Chase Bethea, among others.

Full Track List:

  1. REMIX RUMBLE (Steve Aoki Remix) – Steve Aoki & Kole Hicks
  2. The Stage is Set (Carousel) – Jason Walsh
  3. Follow the Music (Base) – Kole Hicks & Chase Bethea
  4. Neon Nightlife (Disconauts) – Brendon Williams
  5. Pressure's On (Tranceformer) – Jason Walsh
  6. Worldwide Hu$tle (True Damage) – Kole Hicks
  7. Dust and Grime (Desperado) – Bill Hemstapat
  8. Final Level (High-Score!) – J.D. Spears
  9. No Chill (Heartsteel) – Bill Hemstapat
  10. Edge of Finality (Pentakill) – Kole Hicks & Brendon Williams
  11. Out of Your League (K/DA) – J.D. Spears
  12. Plan for the Moments (Base) – Kole Hicks & Chase Bethea
  13. XP.gang (Glitterbomb) – Jason Walsh
  14. Slow Groovin' (Disconauts) – Brendon Williams
  15. Baroque Rejects (Big Sad) – Seth Tsui
  16. No More Tears (Anarchist) – Bill Hemstapat
  17. Get Down, Get Down (K/DA) – J.D. Spears
  18. Pixel Power-Up (High-Score!) – J.D. Spears
  19. Duel Come Dawn (Desperado) – Bill Hemstapat
  20. Midnight Muse (Tranceformer) – Jason Walsh
  21. Doing Too Much (Heartsteel) – Bill Hemstapat
  22. The Anthem of Misfits (Anarchist) – Bill Hemstapat
  23. Turn It Up (True Damage) – Kole Hicks
  24. Hyperrrcarry (Glitterbomb) – Jason Walsh
  25. Low Rollers (Big Sad) – Seth Tsui
  26. The Collector of Souls (Pentakill) – Kole Hicks & Brendon Williams
  27. Attack of the Sax – Various
  28. Orchestrated Chaos – Various
  29. REMIX RUMBLE (Music Video Remix) – Steve Aoki & Kole Hicks

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