REPLAY BOYS: A Visual Novel Adventure by Split Narrative Inc

Canadian developer Split Narrative Inc. has unveiled "REPLAY BOYS" on Steam. In this visual novel adventure, you step into the shoes of Hannah, a video editor thrust into the whirlwind world of managing an unruly boy band for a day. Your decisions will shape romantic entanglements, prevent band infighting, and even confront a resurrected '80s pop star ghost in a thrilling, fast-paced narrative.

Engage with a diverse and emotionally layered cast, brought to life with expressive animated character sprites. As you progress, unlock stunning full-screen illustrations and explore various endings, spanning romantic, platonic, and darker outcomes.

With modest system requirements, "REPLAY BOYS" is compatible with Windows 10 and later, ensuring accessibility on a wide range of PCs.

You can find "REPLAY BOYS" on Steam for $9.99 USD, and there are plans for future releases on additional platforms.

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Band emergency! This was supposed to be Hannah’s day off, but now she’s been roped into managing The Replay Boys, an up-and-coming boy band. Make choices to stoke multi-timeline romances, keep the band from killing each other, and fight a resurrected ’80s pop star ghost. Can you manage?

About Split Narrative Inc.
Split Narrative is a Canadian studio that aims not only to create narrative adventures, but help remove the roadblocks developers face with its in-house game engine, Storytime.