Riot Games Shines with HEARTSTEEL: A New Virtual Band Featuring Reimagined League of Legends Champions

Riot Games Shines with HEARTSTEEL: A New Virtual Band Featuring Reimagined League of Legends Champions
Editors Note: I know, I know. This isn't specifically Canadian gaming news. HOWEVER, it is Sami-Jo news, and I am super excited to share it. If you haven't heard yet, Riot Games announced the latest addition to their virtual musical group lineup called HEARTSTEEL. Based on iconic League of Legends IP - this virtual boy band reimagines champions similar to their past groups Pentakill, True Damage, and my favorite, K/DA. The group will debut with their single soon.

Riot Games, the leading developer and publisher of video games unveiled HEARTSTEEL, a brand-new virtual band with a fresh twist on beloved League of Legends champions. This group includes Ezreal as the vocalist, Kayn as the rapper and instrumentalist, Aphelios as the instrumentalist and songwriter, Yone as the producer, K'Sante as the co-leader and vocalist, and Sett as the co-leader and rapper. HEARTSTEEL joins the ranks of Riot Games Music's (RGM) virtual artistry legacy, following the footsteps of fan-favorite acts like K/DA, Pentakill, True Damage, and more.

HEARTSTEEL embodies a group of fearless individuals dedicated to unapologetic individuality and creative expression. Their goal is to forge their path to success on their terms. The group's unique personality and sound draw inspiration from modern music collectives, combining influences from various genres and eras to create a bold, one-of-a-kind identity. You can experience HEARTSTEEL's character-driven songwriting and boundless energy in their debut single, "PARANOIA."

Don't miss the "PARANOIA" music video on YouTube or listen to the track on all major music platforms starting Monday, October 23 at 11:00 AM ET.
Maria Egan, Global Head of Music & Events at Riot Games Entertainment, expressed her excitement quoting: "Riot’s virtual artists have been some of the most innovative and beloved music moments for our players. The idea of an all-male band has long been speculated on by fans and we’re so excited to bring this fantasy to life. HEARTSTEEL is a deep collaboration between all our talented in-house creative teams and some incredible new artists. The ethos of HEARTSTEEL is a supergroup of musical soulmates greater than the sum of its parts - a philosophy that our community embodies every day through their dedication to our games."

HEARTSTEEL follows in the footsteps of Riot's chart-topping virtual artists, spanning various musical genres. Before HEARTSTEEL, RGM introduced the record-breaking pop supergroup K/DA, featuring League of Legends champions Ahri, Kai'Sa, Evelynn, and Akali. Their debut single, "POP/STARS," was certified Platinum by the RIAA, and its music video became the most successful debut for a K-pop group on YouTube with over 560 million views. RGM also brought the heavy metal band Pentakill and the hip-hop group True Damage to life. All three acts have performed live at the League of Legends World Championships. Combined, RGM's catalog boasts over 750 songs with over 10 billion streams on major music platforms.

HEARTSTEEL will feature collaborations with renowned musical artists from various genres, including BAEKHYUN as Ezreal, ØZI as Sett, Tobi Lou as K'Sante, and Cal Scruby as Kayn.

BAEKHYUN, a member of K-pop groups EXO and SuperM, is celebrated as one of the top vocalists in K-pop. Cal Scruby, based in Los Angeles, is known for his clever lyrics and unique visuals. ØZI, who rose to stardom in the Mandarin music scene, is a versatile singer-songwriter, music producer, performer, and creative director. Tobi Lou, with his Nigerian roots and Chicago upbringing, has made a significant impact on the contemporary music scene by blending hip-hop, R&B, and pop with irresistible melodies.

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About Riot Games Music
Riot Games Music builds on Riot’s fandom at the intersection of gaming and music — fostering partnerships with artists who can take the global player experience to the next level through music, live events, and IP expansion. RGM has amassed a catalog of over 750 songs including nine original Esports Anthems for the annual League of Legends World Championships, which have collectively amassed billions of streams across DSPs. These anthems have been performed by superstars including Lil Nas X, Imagine Dragons, Zedd and many more.

Riot Games Music is also known for being a leader in virtual artistry including artists like K/DA, a record breaking K-Pop inspired girl-group based on some of the most popular female champions in League of Legends, whose music has received over 1.2 billion streams. Their single “POP/STARS” recently was certified platinum by the RIAA, and they have amassed over 2 million followers on Spotify. Other Riot virtual artists include HEARSTEEL, heavy metal band Pentakill, hip-hop band True Damage, DJ Sona and Seraphine.

RGM also created Sessions, a music project focused around creators, available for anyone to use without concern of copyright strikes.

About League of Legends
Released in 2009, "League of Legends" is Riot Games' debut title and one of the most-played competitive games in the world, engaging millions of players daily in 20+ officially-supported languages. A mainstay of the MOBA genre, in "League", two teams of five powerful champions face off to destroy each other's base in a game that blends the speed, strategy, and intensity of an RTS with immersive RPG elements.

"League" continues to evolve year over year in gameplay and storytelling, delivering fresh new experiences like K/DA, immersive stories like Star Guardian and Spirit Blossom, and technical balance changes to ensure competitive integrity. As the basis for the Runeterra universe, League champions have been featured in music, comic books, spinoff games, collectible figurines, board games, TV series, and more. The annual League of Legends World Championship is the most widely viewed esport tournament, and is among the largest and most popular sporting events in the world.

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