Rainbow Six Siege Unleashes Operation Deep Freeze: A Chilling New Chapter

As the winter winds sweep in, Rainbow Six Siege enthusiasts brace themselves for the frosty thrill of Operation Deep Freeze, set to launch on November 28. This season brings exciting additions, including a formidable new Operator, Tubarão, and an innovative Zoto Canister gadget. Gear up for a winter wonderland of challenges with a fresh Ranked Map, Lair, a Versus AI Playlist for training, controller remapping, and a slew of balancing changes and quality of life features.

You can watch the comprehensive breakdown in the reveal panel hosted by a friend of the Network, Camille Salazar Hadaway, on Twitch VOD or YouTube here:

Operation Deep Freeze Kick-off: November 28

The Test Servers are your gateway to early gameplay, open for exploration from November 13. Dive into the frozen battleground and experience the thrill before the official launch.

Learn more about Operation Deep Freeze at Rainbow6.com/DeepFreeze.

Meet Tubarão: A Defender with a Heart of Ice

Say hello to Tubarão, the latest Defender hailing from the sunny shores of Portugal. Armed with the epic new Zoto Canister, Tubarão creates a chilling advantage by disrupting both gadgets and opponents. His journey from a tumultuous childhood in the Açores archipelago to becoming a high-performing specialist in Rainbow is a testament to his resilience and leadership. Specialist Gustave "Doc" Kateb, Wolfguard Squad Leader, attests to Tubarão's exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to civilian safety.

Introducing Lair: Deimos' Secret Base

Every villain needs a Lair, and Deimos is no exception. The new map, Lair, serves as the formidable base of operations for Deimos and his Keres Legion. Nestled on the coast of Portugal, this three-floor facility boasts restricted access points from air, sea, and underground tunnels, providing a versatile and nearly impenetrable fortress. As Rainbow faces the challenge of stopping Deimos before it's too late, Lair becomes the stage for high-stakes confrontations.

Reputation System Update and Balancing Changes

This season introduces a Reputation System update, with a grace period allowing players to adapt before impacts go live. The Frag Grenade undergoes significant changes, adjusting its power level and removing its cooking ability. The update also brings operator balancing changes, including adjustments to Mira, Osa, Capitão, Lion, Grim, IQ, Blackbeard, Sens, and Maestro.

Marketplace Beta, Versus AI Playlist, and Map Training

Prepare for the future of trading with the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta. Register for early access and engage in safe and anonymous item transactions using R6S credits. Register for a chance to participate at Rainbow6.com/marketplace/yt-register

The Versus AI Playlist Beta offers a low-stress training environment with Beginner and Advanced difficulty levels. Newcomers can hone their skills before entering the standard multiplayer playlist.

Explore the Map Training Playlist, where players can learn different aspects of the map through Landmark Drill and Target Drill game modes.

Player Comfort Upgrades: Controller Remapping and More

Use the new Controller Remapping feature to enhance your gaming experience with custom controller layouts. Enjoy increased control with updated Trigger Dead Zone customization and Stick Dead Zone options.

Later in this season, a forthcoming feature will empower players to customize their controller's lean behavior. Players will have the flexibility to opt for the existing Controller Lean Behavior, which disengages leaning when not aiming down sights, or choose the Alternate variant, enabling them to maintain their lean even when not aiming down sights.

Enhanced Spectator Experience: The cap for spectators in a match has been expanded to four. A new lobby button has also been introduced, enabling players to seamlessly transition between spectating the match and actively participating.

Other Balances & Bug Fixes

In the latest Rainbow Six Siege update, operator adjustments include Mira's Black Mirror being shatterable from inside, Osa replacing Smoke Grenades with Frag Grenades, Capitão gaining EMP Impact Grenades, Lion switching to Frag Grenades, Grim swapping Breach Charge for EMP Impact Grenades, IQ achieving Frag Grenades, Blackbeard trading EMP Impact Grenades for Frag Grenades, Sens adding Frag Grenades, and Maestro's Evil Eyes increasing to 3 with altered active and cooldown times.

Weapon balancing features a 552 COMMANDO damage reduction to 43hp with increased recoil, Frag Grenades losing the ability to be cooked, with a reduced initial fuse time to 4 seconds, and a new "Stun Grenade" cooking system.

Game health improvements include reorganized player information and a new Squad status display. Quick Match maps see additions, and the Standard Map Pool aligns with Ranked. Lair is added to the Ranked Map Pool as an unbannable seasonal map. Various modes incorporate Lair, and FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 introduces a temporal upscaling algorithm prioritizing quality. The Y8S4.0 download size aims for a reduction from ~70 GB to ~50 GB.

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Deep Freeze promises a winter season filled with intense battles, strategic challenges, and exciting updates. Gear up, operators – the frozen battleground awaits!

Find more info: https://www.ubisoft.com/en-ca/game/rainbow-six/siege/game-info/seasons/deepfreeze#patchnotes-balancing