Schism: A Chaotic Odyssey of Bullets, Deities, and Endless Replayability

Schism: A Chaotic Odyssey of Bullets, Deities, and Endless Replayability

In the ever-expanding realm of indie gaming, a new contender has emerged, promising an exhilarating blend of features that's bound to keep gamers on the edge of their seats. Schism, an upcoming title, is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape with its unique combination of deep levelling and stat systems, full gun customization, deity worship, intense bullet hell combat, and challenging boss battles. If you're a gamer seeking an unforgettable experience, look no further. Schism is here to deliver, and we're about to dive into what makes it so extraordinary.

Schism's Unique Blend: Schism is not your run-of-the-mill game; it's a meticulously crafted fusion of various gaming elements. Imagine the chaotic randomness and fast-paced action reminiscent of titles like The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne. Picture the depth and replayability akin to classics like Caves of Qud or Tales of Maj'eyal. Add to that a bullet hell system inspired by the iconic Ikaruga, and you have Schism's winning formula.

Key Features That Set Schism Apart:

  1. Frequency Switching: Engage in heart-pounding battles where you must switch frequencies to phase through coloured bullets. Precision and quick thinking are your allies in this intense bullet hell combat.
  2. Diverse Floors: Explore a vast pool of 9 floors, each mixed for a unique experience in every new run. Expect the unexpected as you navigate this dynamic world.
  3. Relics Galore: Power up your character with over 100 different relics. Customize your abilities and playstyle as you collect and experiment with these game-changing artifacts.
  4. Weapon Customization: Equip your character with over 30 different weapons, each offering many modification options. Craft the perfect arsenal for your playstyle and strategy.
  5. Deity Worship: Choose from 12 distinct gods to worship, each greatly influencing your character's build. Your faith and devotion will shape your journey and define your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Stat Customization: As you level up, tailor your character's development by customizing 8 different stats. Adapt to the challenges you face and evolve your playstyle.
  7. Secrets Await: Schism is not just a game; it's an adventure waiting to be unravelled. Dive deep into its layers and uncover hidden secrets as you progress, adding an extra layer of excitement to each playthrough.

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Schism on Steam
Schism is a challenging roguelite action RPG with guns, gods, leveling, and frequency-switching action. The combination of deep leveling and stat systems, full gun customization, deity worship, intense bullet hell combat, and difficult bosses make for a unique and highly replayable experience.

Schism is poised to leave its mark on the gaming world, offering a challenging and endlessly replayable experience that will keep you coming back for more. Are you ready to face the chaos, customize your arsenal, worship deities, and switch frequencies in the heat of battle? Schism awaits your arrival in its vibrant and unpredictable world. Get ready to dive in and discover what secrets lie within!

Release: A Free Demo is available on Steam and is actively being updated.
An Early Access release is planned for Q4 2023.
The starting price will be $8.99 USD.