Sea of Stars: A Celestial RPG Odyssey that Shines Bright with 4 Million Players

Sea of Stars: A Celestial RPG Odyssey that Shines Bright with 4 Million Players

In a resounding success that echoes the golden era of classic RPGs, Sabotage Studio's Sea of Stars has captured the hearts of over 4 million players since its debut on August 28th. This turn-based RPG, available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, has not only garnered widespread acclaim but has also received prestigious awards, including Best Indie Game at The Game Awards and the Golden Joysticks.

A Grand Adventure Beyond Boundaries

Sea of Stars transports players into a mesmerizing universe inspired by the RPG classics of the '90s. The game's success has been extraordinary, with its availability on multiple platforms, including Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and PlayStation Plus' Extra and Premium membership tiers, making it accessible to a vast audience.

Accolades and Recognition

The game's triumph is further accentuated by its recognition at esteemed events like The Game Awards and the Golden Joysticks, where it clinched the title of Best Indie Game. Notably, the British Academy Film and Television Awards (BAFTA) acknowledged Sea of Stars as one of the standout games 2023. With over 25 perfect review scores, the RPG continues to shine brightly in critics' Best of 2023 selections.

From Dreams to Reality

Sabotage Studio's co-founder and game director, Thierry Boulanger, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support. "Sea of Stars is the game of my dreams, and seeing its quest resonate so strongly with players and critics means the world to everyone at Sabotage," said Boulanger. The team is working on the game's upcoming DLC, "Throes of the Watchmaker," promising even more excitement for fans.

A Musical Journey with Yasunori Mitsuda

Sea of Stars boasts a mesmerizing original soundtrack, a collaboration between legendary composer Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger) and composer Eric W. Brown. The soundtrack, released on streaming services, enhances the game's immersive experience.

Exclusive Physical Editions and Future Plans

Looking ahead, iam8bit will release exclusive physical editions of Sea of Stars for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S in 2024. The physical editions promise to be a collector's delight for fans of the Celestial RPG.

Features that Set Sea of Stars Apart

  1. Active Turn-Based Combat: Engage in combat with interactive timed attacks, boosting, and a strategic "locks" system, offering a fresh take on the RPG genre without random encounters or tedious grinding.
  2. Unshackled Traversal: Seamlessly navigate the world with a platformer-inspired movement system, allowing players to swim, climb, vault, and explore freely.
  3. A Story-Rich Adventure: Dive into a captivating narrative filled with dozens of original characters, epic and emotional arcs, unexpected twists, and classic themes of adventure and friendship.
  4. All Fun, No Tedium: Experience combat experimentation without excessive grinding. In Sea of Stars, defeating opponents requires strategic planning rather than repetitive battles.
  5. A World You Can Touch: Immerse yourself in the Sea of Stars' world through activities like sailing, cooking, fishing, and playing the tabletop game "Wheels," paying tribute to retro classics with a modernized experience.
  6. Radiant Lighting: Dynamic lighting effects and a world-influencing day/night cycle enhance the visual appeal, pushing the boundaries of 2D-pixel art to tell the story of heroes wielding the powers of the Sun and the Moon.

As Sea of Stars continues to enchant players and the gaming community, its celestial journey promises more adventures, surprises, and an ever-expanding universe.