Sea of Stars DLC is on the way.

Sea of Stars DLC is on the way.

Sea of Stars is slated to receive DLC, similar to Sabotage's previous game. In a recent interview with Radio Canada, the game's director, Thierry Boulanger, confirmed active development of downloadable content (DLC) for the new RPG. Sabotage, the developer, has divided its efforts, with one team focused on a new project and a smaller team dedicated to exploring DLC opportunities for Sea of Stars.

This approach closely resembles the post-release strategy following The Messenger in 2018. The tremendous success of the game led Sabotage to launch the Picnic Panic DLC in 2019, with the bulk of their development resources subsequently shifting towards the creation of Sea of Stars.

It's worth noting that Sabotage initially pledged Sea of Stars DLC as part of its Kickstarter campaign and successfully met this funding goal, raising over $1.6 million Canadian Dollars. The DLC will be freely available to backers who pledged enough to receive a copy of Sea of Stars upon its release.

Named "Throes of the Watchmaker," Sabotage provided minimal details about the DLC when it was announced. However, they confirmed it as a "fully developed side-adventure DLC" that will further expand the Sea of Stars universe and offer additional insights into the overarching narrative that spans all of their games.

It seems evident that the Throes of the Watchmaker DLC will serve as a bridge between The Messenger and Sea of Stars, given that Sea of Stars is a prequel to The Messenger. This post-launch DLC is likely to seamlessly connect the two games. There is also speculation that Sabotage's enigmatic new project may continue the narrative across both games in some capacity. Time will tell what rumors are true!