Sink Your Teeth into Hangry: A Deliciously Fun Snack 'n' Slash RPG Adventure

Game Pill, a renowned Canadian game development studio, is cooking something special by announcing its new original game, Hangry. This snack 'n' slash action RPG puts players in the shoes of Hangry, a character on a mouth-watering intergalactic quest to hunt, carve, and devour delectable beasts in exotic locales.

Hangry offers a feast for the eyes with its stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine. Each landscape is a visual treat, from BBQ'd woodlands to candy-coated caverns teeming with monsters waiting to become your next secret ingredient.

"We're salivating at the thought of players sinking their teeth into this game, pun intended," said Mike Sorrenti, president of Game Pill. "While we're proud of our work on licensed games, Hangry represents a chance to showcase our original IP, offering deep, rewarding gameplay for RPG fans and lighthearted fun for anyone who appreciates a tasty pun."

Hangry's gameplay revolves around a satisfying hunting, eating, and evolving loop. Players embark on hunts to track down creatures for their recipes, then cook and serve the dishes to grow their character, upgrade stats, and unlock new weapons.

Hangry uniquely blends fast-paced combat, rich storytelling, and culinary delights. Stay tuned for more updates on Hangry as Game Pill prepares to serve this delectable adventure.