A Super Sonic Experience with Some Hiccups: Sonic Superstars Review

A Super Sonic Experience with Some Hiccups:  Sonic Superstars Review

Thank you to Sega for providing a key for me to review this game. This was played on Steam on PC

Adventure through the mystical Northstar Islands in this all-new take on classic 2D Sonic high-speed action platforming. Sonic Superstars invites players to rekindle their love for the iconic blue hedgehog and his friends in an exciting, reimagined adventure. As a Sonic fan, I've been looking forward to this game, like any other Sonic game. As you delve into this captivating journey, you'll step into the shoes of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose, each wielding all-new Emerald powers that infuse fresh dynamics into the gameplay.


  1. Good Looking Game: Sonic Superstars is not just a 2D platformer; it's a visual masterpiece. The game's transition from classic 2D to fully realized 3D graphics is a sight, breathing new life into Sonic's world.
  2. Most Animated 2D Sonic I've Seen: Sonic and his companions are more animated and expressive. This extra layer of detail adds depth to the characters and immerses players in the adventure.
  3. Unique Zones: The Northstar Islands introduce a range of beautifully designed environments that include the captivating Cyber Zone and the thrilling final zone. These special stages offer a delightful departure from the familiar, showcasing the game's creative-level design.
  4. Character Switching: The ability to change characters at the end of each act is a game-changer. It allows you to tailor your gameplay experience and experiment with the unique abilities of each character.
  5. Excellent Replay Value: With multiple characters, hidden routes, and collectibles to uncover, Sonic Superstars offers a wealth of replay value. You'll find yourself returning to this vibrant world time and again.
  6. Very Enjoyable: Sonic Superstars retains the essence of Sonic's high-speed platforming, delivering an undeniably enjoyable experience. It captures the spirit of the classic Sonic games, and you'll find yourself grinning from ear to ear as you dash through the Northstar Islands.


  1. Not the Best Level Design: While Sonic Superstars excels in many areas, level design can be convoluted in certain zones. Players may occasionally feel lost as they navigate intricate and complex layouts.
  2. Chaos Emeralds Underappreciated: The acquisition of Chaos Emeralds is underwhelming, with a few being handed to players early on. This diminishes the sense of achievement typically accompanying collecting these iconic gems, as the game prioritizes showcasing new abilities.
  3. Intense Camera Shake: The intense camera shake during certain sections can be disorienting and, at times, overwhelming. A patch is needed to tone down this effect and make it less jarring.
  4. Exciting Multiplayer, but No Mention in Pros/Cons: Sonic Superstars introduces the first-ever opportunity to embark on the entire campaign with up to 3 other players in a drop-in and drop-out 4-Player Local Co-op mode. This multiplayer feature adds a new layer of fun and excitement to the game, but it was not mentioned in the initial review.

Sonic Superstars offers a visually stunning and enjoyable adventure that combines classic Sonic high-speed action platforming with a fresh, 3D twist. The game's level design, treatment of Chaos Emeralds, and camera shake issues hold it back from reaching its full potential, but it's a must-play for Sonic fans. As you blaze through the Northstar Islands with Sonic and his friends, you'll experience a thrilling reimagining of classic Sonic gameplay. Sonic Superstars earns a solid 7/10, delivering an experience that blends the old and the new in a way you've never seen before.