Jungle Jamboree: SPHEROCIOUS Pounces onto Steam August 8th

Jungle Jamboree: SPHEROCIOUS Pounces onto Steam August 8th

Get ready for a thrilling escapade as SPHEROCIOUS, the precision platforming sensation by Iwa Interactive, hits Steam on August 8th, 2024!

Dive into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon jungle for an atmospheric adventure beneath the swaying palms.

Within this vibrant ecosystem, the allure of the wild attracts courageous explorers, hopeful researchers, and profit-driven corporations, each with their unique goals.

Meet Omi Aoki, a spirited Japanese Brazilian biologist who uncovers a sinister plot by a logging company shortly after her arrival. Teaming up with the eccentric sloth Shinobu and other native creatures, Omi sets out on a mission to rescue the rainforest.

Traverse unexplored landscapes, confronting corrupted AI-driven machines blocking your path. With the help of your loyal robotic companion, propel yourself through ancient structures on the brink of collapse and tap into the power source of a forgotten civilization to reclaim your precious land.

Seize control with your own claws!

Inspired by other gaming gems, SPHEROCIOUS revolves around efficient movement and strategic planning. The primary goal in each level is to reach the coveted power gem as swiftly as possible, but keep an eye on your stamina and your robotic assistant's power supply! Unleash a variety of abilities – rolling, sliding, gliding, bouncing, and more – strategically deciding when to use each to climb the ranks of the speedrunning leaderboards!