Spirit City welcomes the public this Spring!

Spirit City welcomes the public this Spring!

In the spring, Mooncube Games welcomes the public to explore the enchanting realms of productivity and relaxation within the virtual haven of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions. Unveiling a captivating new trailer, Mooncube Games has announced that their highly anticipated title will grace PC screens via Steam on April 8th, 2024.

In the tranquil landscape of Spirit City, players are invited to embrace a gamified focus tool that transcends the ordinary. Serving as a personalized Lofi retreat, the game is meticulously designed to obliterate distractions, fostering concentration and tranquility during the players' daily lives.

The game's allure lies in its ability to offer an immersive sanctuary, eliminating the need for constant tab-switching or juggling multiple applications. A unified dashboard seamlessly integrates audio, visual, and organizational features, creating a charming and tranquil environment where productivity and relaxation coexist harmoniously.

Central to the Spirit City experience is its soothing lofi music and dynamic soundscapes. From the gentle hum of raindrops to the comforting crackle of a warm fire, the game provides the ideal auditory backdrop for stress relief and relaxation. Homework Radio generously offers All musical offerings, ensuring a stream-friendly experience suitable for platforms like YouTube or Twitch.

Players are encouraged to express their individuality through customizable character and room options. From a plethora of fashion choices and hairstyles to room decor ranging from bookshelves to boba teas, Spirit City allows players to curate their unique vibe within the game's universe.

No inhabitant of Spirit City walks alone, as a delightful Spirit companion accompanies every player. Choosing from a diverse array of whimsical Spirits, players can unlock new companions by engaging in specific room activities and soundscapes and observing the passing of time. Petting these endearing Spirits is not only allowed but highly encouraged.

Spirit City doesn't just promote relaxation; it actively incentivizes cultivating healthy habits. Built-in productivity tools, including a to-do list and a Pomodoro timer, guide players toward organized and focused work sessions. As players spend time in the game, they accumulate experience points, leveling up to unlock an array of rewards – from cosmetic upgrades for characters and rooms to valuable hints for discovering elusive Spirits.

Since the demo's release on November 3rd, 2023, many players have attested to the positive impact of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions. Incorporated into daily routines such as work, study, gaming, and reading, the game has been credited with enhancing productivity, alleviating symptoms of ADHD and anxiety, and fostering a heightened sense of relaxation.

As Spring approaches, the gates to Spirit City open wide, inviting players to immerse themselves in a world where focus and tranquility intertwine, creating a sanctuary where productivity is not just a task but a rewarding journey. The demo is readily available on Steam, offering a glimpse into the therapeutic realms of Spirit City: Lofi Sessions.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions on Steam
Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a gamified focus tool, set to a soothing lofi soundtrack. Discover and collect Spirits, customize your cozy virtual space, and facilitate your real-life tasks with a collection of handy features designed to improve concentration and ease stress.

About Mooncube Games
Mooncube Games is a 3-person strong indie team based in Montreal, Canada. Mooncube believes in the power of games to evoke emotions, inspire change, and provide a safe space for players, and these values shine through in every aspect of the Spirit City experience. https://mooncubegames.com/

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