Starship Troopers: Extermination Unveils Exciting Class Overhaul. Introducing the Elite Vanguard—six top-tier soldiers ready to take on the Bugs!

Attention troopers! The United Citizen Federation brings thrilling news: Offworld, in partnership with Sony Pictures Consumer Products, proudly presents the latest trailer unveiling the revamped classes in the Early Access version of Starship Troopers: Extermination, part of Update 0.7.0. Meet the Elite Vanguard—a dynamic squad featuring six unique soldier classes: Sniper, Ranger, Guardian, Demolisher, Medic, and Engineer—each boasting specialized progression paths filled with new weapons, tools, and perks.

Curious to see the Elite Vanguard in action? Watch the TRAILER HERE!

The Sniper is equipped with Jump Jets for strategic positioning in long-range battles, armed with powerful sniper rifles and gear to amplify damage. The Ranger excels in survival skills, with close-quarters combat prowess and an arsenal of Combat Perks to outmaneuver adversaries. Meanwhile, the Guardian is a defensive powerhouse clad in fortified armor, wielding a formidable machine gun for relentless suppressive fire.

The Demolisher specializes in explosives, armed with grenades, grenade launchers, and area-of-effect weapons to corral enemy Bugs into the line of fire. The Medic now boasts an enhanced drone and expanded abilities to ensure no trooper is left behind. Lastly, the Engineer is the master of base construction—a vital support class capable of creating, maintaining, and defending field bases to turn the tide of battle.

Update 0.7 also introduces Side Missions to ARC Slam mode, adding depth and strategy to engagements. Encounter the new Bug variant, the Bombardier—an aerial threat vulnerable to premature detonation. Take advantage of the Reinforcements system with respawn tickets usable by all team members, but use them wisely as they deplete with each trooper loss. For full details on Update 0.7.0, check out the patch notes here and visit the official ST:E website for more info.

Get into the action with the Early Access edition of Starship Troopers: Extermination, now available for $29.99 USD with Update 0.7.0. Join the frontline against the Arachnid menace, working together to complete objectives, gather resources, fortify your base, and make a daring escape to the extraction point. The battle will be fierce, but as brave defenders of humanity and the United Citizen Federation, we leave no ground safe for the Arachnids!

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