Stellar Blade Patch 1.003: New Challenges and Enhancements Await

Shift Up has released Patch 1.003 for Stellar Blade, bringing a host of new features and improvements to enhance your gameplay experience. Available from May 24, this update introduces the exciting Boss Challenge mode, stunning new Nano Suits for Eve, and several quality-of-life improvements designed to make your journey even smoother.

Boss Challenge Mode

Prepare for a test of skill and strategy with the new Boss Challenge mode. This feature pits you against the 19 bosses from the base game, allowing you to hone your combat abilities and refine your tactics.

  • Progression Requirements: To access each boss in the challenge, you'll need to have previously defeated them in the main game. For an even greater test, bosses can be faced with Hard difficulty after completing the game’s ending.
  • Gear Options: Players can choose to use their equipment or select from several presets. For those seeking the ultimate test, the minimum preset offers a bare-bones challenge, while the maximum preset provides fully buffed skills and stats for a spectacular showdown.
  • Performance Metrics: After each challenge, your performance will be analyzed, providing detailed metrics such as battle time, perfect parries, dodges, and consumable usage. Compete with friends and see who truly has the edge in combat.
  • Rewards: Successfully defeating all bosses on Normal difficulty or higher will reward you with the exclusive Neurolink Suit for Eve.

New Nano Suits

Eve’s mission to reclaim Earth now includes more style options with the addition of two new Nano Suits:

  • White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi Suits: These new outfits highlight Eve’s lethal beauty, adding a fresh aesthetic to your gameplay. Explore the game to discover additional Nano Suits included in this update.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

Shift Up has listened to player feedback and implemented several key improvements:

  • Auto Lock-On: When switching between ranged attack mode and melee mode, the game will now automatically lock onto the enemy you were targeting, streamlining combat transitions.
  • Compass Display Option: Players now have the option to always display the compass in the HUD, aiding navigation and mission tracking.

These enhancements are available now on PS5. Update your game and ready yourself for new challenges as you fight to reclaim Earth for humankind.

For more details and to download the update, visit the official Stellar Blade website or access the update directly through your PS5 console.