Unleash Your Inner Rogue in Kitfox Games' New Sandbox RPG: Streets of Fortuna!

Kitfox Games, renowned for its innovative and distinctive titles, has unveiled its next major project, Streets of Fortuna, during the PC Gaming Show. This free-roaming, sandbox RPG offers a unique experience with its freeform gameplay set in a dense, seamlessly generated city, drawing inspiration from Constantinople circa 500 AD. Players will have the exhilarating freedom to shape their destiny through every decision they make, promising an adventure like no other.

Streets of Fortuna, described by the development team as a 'megasim' for its deep simulation elements, has been crafted in close collaboration with Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress. This partnership ensures a game that is not only ambitious but also rich in emergent gameplay and captivating stories, making it Kitfox's most ambitious project to date.

"Running about Fortuna hustling, scheming, causing trouble, or maybe even living an honest life should be a great deal of fun," says Tarn Adams, creator of Dwarf Fortress. He praised Kitfox's dedication to building a procedural city brimming with interactive objects and characters, offering a unique simulation experience.

Streets of Fortuna is a game that will never stand still. It will continuously evolve throughout its development, with frequent updates and changes. It will launch into Early Access on Steam, although no release window has been announced yet. This dynamic approach ensures that the game will always be fresh and exciting, offering a truly interactive experience for the players.

About Streets of Fortuna

Fortuna is the city of your dreams—if you can survive. Streets of Fortuna is a free-roaming 'megasim' sandbox RPG focused on emergent chaos rather than a linear story. Players can live various lives, from thieves and blacksmiths to rebels and priests. With no job or class system to constrain them, players can grow their skills and perhaps even challenge the Overlord ruling Fortuna with an iron fist.

Key Features:

  • Freeform Gameplay: Experience life in a dense, seamless, generated city.
  • No Job or Class System: Grow heaps of skills without constraints.
  • Consultation with Dwarf Fortress Creators: Optimized for emergent player stories.
  • Simulated People and Communities: Enjoy infinite hours of 'megasim' gameplay.
  • Focus on Heists and Escapes: Engage in narrow escapes and heists rather than combat.
  • Rich World and Lore: Explore an original world loosely inspired by Constantinople circa 500 AD.

Whether players prefer collecting, exploring, climbing the ranks of power, or causing chaos, Fortuna offers something for everyone. In addition to Streets of Fortuna, Kitfox is also developing Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator, a tarot-themed tea brewing game announced last December.

For more information, visit the Streets of Fortuna website.

About Kitfox Games
A scrappy Canadian games studio focused on creating dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. The Kitfox co-founders are Tanya X. Short (Designer) and Xin Ran Liu (Artist). They started working together in 2013 on Shattered Planet with the gracious support of the Execution Labs incubator, and officially incorporated in 2014. Currently working on: Streets of Fortuna and Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator. Games previously developed: Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, Lucifer Within Us, The Shrouded Isle... and more! Publishing: Dwarf Fortress, Caves of Qud, Six Ages, Pupperazzi... and more! 

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