Strong Start for Capcom Pro Tour Canada East

Strong Start for Capcom Pro Tour Canada East

Let's start by addressing some critical updates. The second registration date is now live, marking an exciting step forward. For a comprehensive list of upcoming events, refer to our previous post.

This past Friday marked a significant milestone as Incendium hosted the inaugural qualifier of the highly anticipated Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior 2023 for Canada East. The event garnered an impressive turnout, boasting more than 120 enthusiastic attendees who immersed themselves in over 4 hours of riveting Street Fighter 6 action. The response was nothing short of remarkable, not just in terms of participant engagement but also in viewer numbers, reaching an impressive count of 809!

A true testament to the dedication and talent within the Canada East region, this event showcased a convergence of passionate gamers and dedicated fans. The stream itself was a visual treat, featuring captivating artwork courtesy of the talented drewface, accompanied by the seamless execution of the production team and the commentary talents of Saint Cola and ThomasWinkley. As we journey deeper into the heart of this tour towards the Finals, expect an unfolding of even more extraordinary moments from the powerhouse that is Incendium.

Heartfelt congratulations are to our tournament champion and every participant who contributed to making this event a resounding success. You're undeniably demonstrating the East's indomitable spirit to Capcom and the global gaming community through your unwavering commitment. Dive into the content below to relive the electrifying moments of the tournament.  

Keep the momentum going as we propel ourselves towards the next stages of this remarkable journey! Check out the action below