Survive and Escape the Desolate Planet in Wastelander

Survive and Escape the Desolate Planet in Wastelander

Wastelander is set to launch its V1.0 version on July 12th on Steam, bringing a fresh turn-based strategy experience where players must survive and escape from a harsh, storm-ravaged planet. This game challenges you to build a colony from scratch, unlock unique buildings, and activate powerful relics to ensure your survival. The question is, can you withstand the planet's relentless storms and make it out alive?

A Mysterious Force and an Alien World

In Wastelander, your ship is mysteriously pulled into the atmosphere of a dangerous alien planet, one that is continually ravaged by increasingly powerful and destructive storms. If you fail to find a way to escape, the storms will eventually become too powerful to defend against. Every turn is crucial as you expand your colony and explore the planet, seeking out technological remnants of an ancient civilization. Balancing exploration, expansion, and defence is the key to survival, as holding out forever is not an option.

Features and Gameplay

  • Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Wastelander offers turn-based strategy gameplay that is simple to pick up but challenging to master.
  • Infinite Replay Value: With randomly generated, seeded maps, every playthrough presents new challenges and opportunities.
  • Multiple Ways to Play: Choose from a range of difficulty levels and compete with other players' high scores on the Daily Challenge seed.
  • Resource Management: Utilize a variety of tools to uncover resources and abandoned supply drops to expand your colony.
  • Destructive Storms: Protect your colony from relentless storms that test your defences and preparedness.
  • Mysterious Alien Technologies: Discover alien ruins and technologies that aid in exploration, terrain manipulation, and survival.

Strategic Depth and Endless Challenges

Wastelander promises a game rich in strategic depth and endless replayability. The game's randomly generated maps ensure that no two playthroughs are the same, offering fresh challenges each time. Players must adeptly manage resources, fend off destructive storms, and uncover ancient alien technologies to gain an edge in their quest for survival.

Ready to Face the Storm?

Prepare to test your strategic skills and survival instincts when Wastelander V1.0 launches on July 12th on Steam. Can you build a thriving colony and escape the desolate planet before it's too late? The challenge awaits.

Wastelander on Steam
Wastelander is a turn-based strategy game where you must survive and escape from a desolate planet ravaged by powerful storms. Build a colony from nothing, find and unlock unique buildings and re-activate powerful relics to protect yourself. Will you survive and get off the planet?