Tales of Kenzara: ZAU Review - A Promising Debut by Surgent Studios

Surgent Studios makes a strong entrance into the gaming world with their debut title, Tales of Kenzara: ZAU. This Metroidvania adventure offers a brief yet satisfying experience, showcasing the studio's potential despite its minor shortcomings.

At its core, Tales of Kenzara: ZAU delivers a heartfelt narrative revolving around themes of loss and grief, creating an emotional journey for players. The game's setting is beautifully rendered, featuring vibrant colours and detailed environments that bring Kenzara to life.

While solid, the combat mechanics can sometimes feel a bit rough and may benefit from further refinement. Additionally, while stunning, the game's visuals can sometimes be overwhelming, making it challenging to follow the action during crucial moments.

Despite these minor issues, Tales of Kenzara: ZAU is an excellent entry point for newcomers to the Metroidvania genre. Its accessible gameplay and engaging story make it an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

One of the standout features of Tales of Kenzara: ZAU is its world-building. The developers have created a rich, immersive world of lore and history. Exploring the various regions of Kenzara is a delight, with each area offering its unique challenges and secrets to uncover.

The game's narrative is also a strong point, with a touching and emotional story that resonates with players. The themes of loss and grief are handled with care, adding depth and meaning to the overall experience.

While Tales of Kenzara: ZAU may not revolutionize the Metroidvania genre, it offers a glimpse of Surgent Studios' potential. With its smooth gameplay, captivating world, and compelling narrative, this game is a solid foundation for the studio to build upon in the future.

Tales of Kenzara: ZAU is a promising debut title from Surgent Studios. While its small scope and formulaic gameplay may limit it, it's still a game worth experiencing for its heartfelt story, gorgeous visuals, and solid gameplay. I'm giving Tales of Kenzara: ZAU a 7/10, and I look forward to seeing what the studio has in store next.