Nintendo Switch Welcomes Tanuki Sunset: A Journey of Longboarding Raccoons

Nintendo Switch Welcomes Tanuki Sunset: A Journey of Longboarding Raccoons

Tanuki Sunset, the inaugural skateboarding adventure game by REWIND GAMES, has officially made its debut on Nintendo Switch™, marking a significant milestone in the journey of the development studio. The game, which was launched on Christmas Eve, not only serves as a testament to the team's dedication but also pays homage to the experiences, community, and pivotal life events that shaped its creation.

The inception of Tanuki Sunset dates back to 2019 when a trip to Japan inspired the vision of longboarding raccoons traversing a forest. Now, after four years of hard work and dedication, the game is available on a Nintendo console, a fulfillment of the studio's dream. The achievement is underscored by the unwavering support from the niche community on, whose valuable feedback played a crucial role in shaping the game.

The journey towards this release was characterized by learning, growth, and the studio's decision to navigate the complexities of the gaming industry independently. This autonomy allowed REWIND GAMES to steer the game in the direction they envisioned. Despite facing unforeseen challenges, the team persevered, paying tribute to the memory of their friend and colleague Nick Alfieri, who played a pivotal role in their journey. The launch on Nintendo Switch, a self-publishing experience, stands as a profound educational and fulfilling accomplishment made possible by Nick's support.

The team also acknowledges joyous moments intertwined with their professional journey, such as the birth of a co-founding partner's beautiful daughter in 2022. These personal milestones serve as a reminder of the delicate balance between work and life.

Tanuki Sunset on Nintendo Switch™ boasts features such as multilingual support in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese, as well as optimized performance for a fluid 60 FPS gameplay experience. The game offers a unique, narrative-driven skateboarding adventure.

As the team celebrates this momentous launch, they express their gratitude to the players and community whose enthusiasm, feedback, and love for the game have been the driving force behind the entire journey. Tanuki Sunset is now available for download in the Nintendo eShop in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. Join in on this adventure and become a part of the continuing story.