Hack, Slash, and Conquer: Paper Cult Unveils 'Tears of Metal' at Summer Game Fest 2024

Montreal indie studio Paper Cult, creators of the acclaimed game Bloodroots, have unveiled their latest title, Tears of Metal, at Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest 2024. This medieval hack-and-slash roguelike invites players to battle through hordes of enemies to reclaim their homeland. Set for release on Steam in 2025, the game promises a thrilling mix of action, strategy, and cooperative gameplay.

About Tears of Metal

Tears of Metal immerses players in a medieval world where they must fight alongside a Scottish battalion to reclaim their island from invaders. In online co-op mode, players can embark on this adventure solo or with up to three friends, ensuring maximum chaos and camaraderie on the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Reconquer Your Island: Carve through vast battlefields teeming with enemies. Each run presents new challenges and opportunities to wield unique combinations of powerful abilities.
  • Combine Powerful Upgrades: Discover and combine over a hundred artifacts to create devastating builds. Choose from multiple unique heroes and unleash lethal attacks as you advance.
  • Improve Your Soldiers: Recruit and upgrade soldiers who gain permanent skills. Their growth is essential to your success, but be cautious—fallen soldiers are lost forever.
  • Expand Your Settlement: Between campaigns, expand your settlement to unlock new shops, permanent upgrades, and challenging objectives for greater rewards.
  • Play Solo or in Co-Op: Traverse over 45 handcrafted environments alone or with friends, each offering unique scenarios and objectives.

Story and Setting:

Set during the aftermath of the Dragon Stone Meteor event, players will uncover the secrets behind the enemy invasion and the mysterious powers it brought. As you battle through war-torn landscapes, rally more Scottish troops and lead them to victory, inscribing your name in legend.

For more information on Tears of Metal, visit www.tearsofmetal.com. Follow Paper Cult on Twitter for the latest updates.

About Paper Cult    
Founded in 2014 in Montreal, Paper Cult soon started working on their first game: Fat Mask. They've since added new contributors to the team and launched the critically acclaimed action game Bloodroots. They are currently working on the hack’n’slash Tears of Metal slated for release in 2025!