Riding the Celestial Wave: Teamfight Tactics Rings in the Lunar New Year with Set 3.5 Revival and Dazzling Year of the Dragon Cosmetics

Riding the Celestial Wave: Teamfight Tactics Rings in the Lunar New Year with Set 3.5 Revival and Dazzling Year of the Dragon Cosmetics

In celebration of the Lunar New Year transitioning from the Year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Dragon in the lunar calendar, Teamfight Tactics is set to ignite the festivities with its Lunar Festival. The vibrant occasion brings a sizzling burst of fresh, holiday-themed cosmetics and introduces the game's first-ever set revival: Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies.

Returning with a triumphant comeback, Set 3.5 – Galaxies: Return to the Stars, initially launched in June 2020, featured Space Pirates, transforming Mecha, and the inaugural iteration of TFT's now-familiar Portals, known as Galaxies back then. In Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies, this beloved mid-set is making a dazzling return, showcasing a refreshed version with an all-new event pass and vault items tailored to embrace the Year of the Dragon while preserving celestial elements from its original release.

Christina Jiang, Product Manager for Set 3.5 Revival: Galaxies, expressed excitement, stating, "Return to the Stars was one of our most beloved mid-sets and relatively untouched by many of the modern advancements in TFT, which made it a great set to kick off our set revivals and celebrate Lunar New Year."

As part of the Lunar Festival update, Teamfight Tactics players can unlock many Year of the Dragon cosmetics. These designs seamlessly blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair, offering a fresh and slightly whimsical touch. Highlights include Chibi Prestige Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Chibi Porcelain Lux, Chibi Guqin Sona, and the breathtaking Golden Dragon Skyscraper arena.

The Lunar Festival update for Teamfight Tactics will launch on PC and mobile/tablets on January 24. As always, the base game and its updates are entirely free to play, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in the joyous celebration without cost.

TFT is an eight person free-for-all strategy game where players combine LoL champions and items in different formations to defeat the seven other players in a match. As the leading game in the auto battler genre, players tactically place an army of characters on a grid-shaped game board for a last-player-standing automated battle. Since launching in 2019, TFT has emerged as the top contender in the genre by providing a fun and deep chess-like gameplay experience for all types of players on multiple platforms.

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