Discover "The Binding Blade" - Darkest Dungeon II's First DLC, Featuring Two Unique Playable Heroes

Darkest Dungeon II is set to receive its inaugural DLC, "The Binding Blade," in December. Developed by Red Hook Studios, this roguelike road trip of the damned continues to captivate players with its grim horrors and challenging decisions, achieving critical acclaim and accumulating over 10,000 reviews on Steam since its 1.0 launch in May of this year. With its immersive narrative, atmospheric graphics, and strategic gameplay, the game has redefined the standards of the roguelike RPG genre.

In this upcoming expansion, "The Binding Blade," players can look forward to the addition of two new playable heroes who will embark on their perilous journey through the kingdom's crossroads and sprawling wilds. These heroes include a fearless fencer and a lost knight, each with unique abilities and attributes.

One of the new heroes, The Duelist, is a disciplined and deadly combatant who can tactically switch between Defensive and Aggressive stances. This versatile character can ignore enemy defenses and counterattack with a Riposte, making them a formidable presence in your hero lineup.

The other addition, The Crusader, makes a triumphant return fueled by radiant Holy Fire. This front-rank hero can smite foes with righteous fury, withstand punishing blows, provide healing and stress recovery for the team, and strike down opponents with their mighty blade.

In addition to the new heroes, the DLC introduces a roaming mini-boss, The Warlord, which adds a new layer of danger to the already treacherous journey in Darkest Dungeon II. As players venture into the Mountain, they will encounter this formidable adversary.

Red Hook Studios invites players to confront their fears and delve deeper into the abyss with this gripping sequel. For more information on Darkest Dungeon II, visit the official website at The game is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.