Digging for Gems and Clues: The Crimson Diamond Launches on August 15

Digging for Gems and Clues: The Crimson Diamond Launches on August 15

Julia Minamata, the developer behind the highly anticipated EGA (IBM's Enhanced Graphics Adapter) text parser adventure game The Crimson Diamond, is thrilled to announce that after more than six years of development, the game will launch on August 15 on PC!

Check out the fantastic new trailer that debuted at IGN Live: The Crimson Diamond Trailer.

About The Crimson Diamond

In The Crimson Diamond, players take on the role of Nancy Maple, an amateur mineralogist from Toronto, Canada, who dreams of studying geology and mineralogy at university. Nancy's adventure begins when she hears about discovering a massive diamond in the ghost town of Crimson, Ontario. Embracing her role as a reluctant detective, Nancy sets off to uncover the truth behind the diamond discovery.

Players will delve into the mystery by exploring Crimson Lodge and its surrounding wilderness. They will engage with a colorful cast of characters, each harboring their own secrets and motivations. Through conversation and eavesdropping, players will gather clues and solve puzzles, potentially uncovering multiple mysteries along the way.


  • EGA Graphics: The game boasts a stunning and rarely seen EGA graphical style, paying homage to adventure games created by industry legends like Roberta Williams over 30 years ago.
  • Type-to-Interact Gameplay: Faithful to its text parser roots, players will type commands to interact with the game world, adding a layer of nostalgia and challenge.
  • Engaging Storyline: Follow Nancy Maple's journey as she navigates through intrigue and danger to achieve her dreams and satiate her curiosity.

Help Nancy achieve her dreams and satiate her curiosity by wishlisting The Crimson Diamond today ahead of its PC (Steam, Itch, Fireflower) launch on August 15: Get the Crimson Diamond on Steam.

Let's unravel the secrets of Crimson Lodge!

About Julia Minamata:
A freelance illustrator turned adventure game developer, Julia Minamata began work on The Crimson Diamond after teaching herself Adventure Game Studio and spending a happy childhood playing classic adventure games. Following a hugely positive reception to the game’s first in-person demo, Minamata made the decision to dedicate herself to transforming the pixel art hobby project into a full-fledged video game. The cozy mystery game will finally release in August 2024.