The Outlast Trials: A Look Behind the Scenes - Watch the Documentary Now

The Outlast Trials: A Look Behind the Scenes - Watch the Documentary Now

Red Barrels, in collaboration with The Escapist, has just released an insightful documentary titled 'Outlast: The Challenges of Trials.' This documentary delves into the creative process, hurdles, and triumphs behind the development of 'The Outlast Trials.' As they approach their major Halloween Early Access update on Steam for 'The Outlast Trials,' you can now watch this documentary, which provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the studio's first foray into creating this multiplayer horror game.

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Currently available in Early Access on PC, 'The Outlast Trials' represents a fresh take on the highly regarded Outlast survival horror series. It shares the same bone-chilling universe as its predecessors, but this time, you have the choice to brave it alone or team up with friends in a group of up to four.

Set against the backdrop of the Cold War era, players step into the shoes of test subjects abducted by the enigmatic Murkoff Corporation. Confined within a clandestine Murkoff facility, players will endure a series of both physical and psychological trials, haunted by iconic characters. Whether alone or with a team, the objective is to emerge with one's sanity intact and survive the harrowing ordeal.

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