The Trials are coming to Consoles! The Outlast Trials

In a spine-chilling announcement during The Game Awards, Red Barrels, the indie powerhouse behind the renowned Outlast franchise, revealed that their latest creation, The Outlast Trials, is set to haunt gaming platforms worldwide on March 5, 2024. Available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, this survival horror multiplayer promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to gamers eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Unveiling the Nightmares: Toy Factory and Mother Gooseberry

Having garnered immense success during its Early Access on PC in May 2023, The Outlast Trials has sold over 1.5 million copies globally. Red Barrels is set to mark the V1 launch with a nerve-wracking new trial - Toy Factory. Players will face the formidable Mother Gooseberry, a psychotic adversary, in an environment that will push the boundaries of fear.

Editions and Pre-Order Incentives

As the anticipation builds, gamers can already pre-order the digital versions of the game on Microsoft and PlayStation digital stores. The Standard Edition, offering the game only, is priced at $39.99 USD, while the Deluxe Edition, which includes the game and the Reagent Starter Pack*, is available for $49.99 USD. Both editions come with a pre-order bonus: the Grizzly Hazmat Outfit.

The Reagent Starter Pack includes exclusive legendary player skins, exclusive cell items, player icons, and cell posters.

V1 Launch Updates: A Deep Dive into Horror

The V1 update introduces many enhancements, including full console and controller support, character customization options, outfits, and an increased level cap. The Toy Factory trial brings new challenges tailored to the environment, adding depth to the gameplay. Players can also explore new evidence documents, unravelling the twisted Murkoff backstory and expanding the Outlast lore.

The Outlast Trials: A Cold War Nightmare

Set against the ominous backdrop of the Cold War, The Outlast Trials thrust players into the clutches of the enigmatic Murkoff Corporation. Abducted and imprisoned in a clandestine facility, players must navigate a series of physical and mental ordeals. Whether facing these terrors alone or with a team of up to four people, survival demands a delicate balance of skill and sanity.

A Glimpse into Madness: What to Expect

Beyond the palpable fear and pulse-pounding gameplay, The Outlast Trials offers an array of features to immerse players further into the horror:

  • New Legendary Outfits: Acquire reborn legendary outfits.
  • Increased Level Cap: Elevate your therapy to level 65.
  • New Amps: Fine-tune your loadout with many new Amps.
  • Weekly Programs: Return every week for new therapeutic challenges.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Experience a smoother, more refined horror adventure.

Red Barrels invites gamers to brace themselves for an unparalleled journey into madness as the digital launch date approaches. Will you face the nightmares alone, or will you bring friends along for the bone-chilling ride? The Outlast Trials awaits, promising a heart-pounding, sanity-testing experience like never before.