TimeMelters: Unleashing Time-Bending Witchcraft in a Battle Against the Ages

In a world where fear and superstition ruled, and the accusation of witchcraft could be a death sentence, TimeMelters introduces players to the captivating story of Teagan, a woman unjustly condemned to the flames. Rescued by an unlikely ally, Teagan emerges with newfound powers and an unquenchable thirst for justice, setting the stage for an extraordinary adventure in this strategic witch-battler.

A Tale of Redemption and Power

At the heart of TimeMelters is a gripping narrative that takes players back to an era steeped in darkness, where the very mention of witchcraft could spark a deadly pyre. Teagan's journey unfolds as she navigates a world that seeks to destroy her, armed with the desire for retribution and the ability to manipulate time itself.

Strategic Witch-Battling Unleashed

TimeMelters transcends traditional gaming experiences by seamlessly blending spellcasting, environmental manipulation, and fast-paced combat. The core mechanic of creating copies of oneself to fight across multiple timelines introduces a strategic layer, allowing players to harness their inner time-bending skills and lead an army of clones to victory.

Masterful Environmental Manipulation

Teagan's powers go beyond mere combat; she can manipulate the environment to her advantage. From conjuring rock walls to disrupt foes' movements to utilizing the power of mysterious trees, players engage in hybrid action-strategy gameplay. Meticulously planning lines of attack and executing them in real time adds depth to the gaming experience.

Diverse Gameplay Modes

TimeMelters caters to various playstyles with solo, co-op, and speedrun modes. Players embark on a captivating adventure filled with twists and turns in the single-player campaign. The two-player co-op mode allows friends to team up, with the Friend Pass feature enabling shared experiences without an additional purchase. For thrill-seekers, the speedrun mode offers a challenging skill test against the clock.

Features That Stand Out

1. Time Manipulation: Rewind time and employ past selves as allies, creating custom strategies to conquer hordes of foes.

2. Hybrid Gameplay: Plan and execute strategies across various mission types, including puzzle maps, boss fights, escort missions, and survival challenges.

3. Engaging Storyline: Immerse yourself in a dark era, navigating through an enthralling campaign with twists, turns, and jaw-dropping revelations.

4. Multiple Game Modes: Enjoy solo or cooperative gameplay, and challenge yourself with mind-bending puzzles or speedruns.

Available Now in Early Access

TimeMelters is now available in Early Access on Steam. As the game progresses toward its full launch, players can anticipate more than 15 hours of gameplay across 40 unique time-bending challenges. Dive into TimeMelters, where justice and witchcraft converge in a battle against the ages.

Timemelters on Steam
Rewind Time and rewrite your fate in TimeMelters, a strategy adventure where you use mysterious powers to bend and manipulate time. Featuring both a single-player and co-op campaign, go back in time and fight alongside your past self against an onslaught of powerful foes.