TimeMelters wins BIG at NYX

TimeMelters wins BIG at NYX

TimeMelters, the outstanding strategy game developed by Autoexec Games, has recently achieved an impressive milestone by winning five prestigious Gold Awards at the NYX Video Game Awards. These accolades recognize TimeMelters' excellence in various categories, showcasing its remarkable qualities:

  1. Best Indie Game for PC
  2. Best Game Design for PC
  3. Best Storytelling in a PC Game
  4. Best Strategy Game for PC
  5. Best Gameplay in a PC Game

Despite these remarkable achievements, TimeMelters is still in its Early Access phase, promising even more exciting features for players to look forward to. Among these additions is the "Friend's Pass" for online co-op play, fostering camaraderie in the gaming community, and introducing a new "Speedrun Mode," challenging players to test their skills in fast-paced gameplay.

If you've been yearning for a classic linear gaming experience that's anything but repetitive, TimeMelters: Tome I - Witches and Pyres might be the perfect game for you. Step into the captivating Story Mode, whether solo or with a friend, and embark on a gaming journey that starts at 5 p.m., perhaps accompanied by some pizza, and concludes around 3 a.m.—a perfect game night! But that's not all; an additional 15 hours of gameplay are awaiting you in the Challenge Mode and the Speedrun Leaderboard.

Crafted by the co-designer of Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves, TimeMelters transports you to a mythical realm where dreams and nightmares intertwine. In this mystical land, the only answer to the supernatural threats plaguing it seems to be the controversial witch trials.

TimeMelters is a unique strategy-adventure game distinguished by its innovative game mechanic: Time Travel. This mechanic empowers players to return and join forces with their past selves. Assume the role of Teagan, a recently awakened witch, as you confront an insidious evil that's corrupting the countryside.

TimeMelters defies easy categorization—it's not an RPG, although it boasts RPG-like features such as a skill tree, a captivating storyline, and an eerie soundtrack. Nor is it an open-world game, despite its campaign featuring vast, distinct maps that demand your defence. Instead, TimeMelters is a game that masterfully blends strategy and action with various other game mechanics, including tower defence, puzzles, boss battles, survival, and escort missions. It's an immersive and multifaceted gaming experience that promises hours of enjoyment.

In summary, TimeMelters has garnered acclaim and introduced innovative gameplay mechanics that set it apart from traditional genres. Players can look forward to an even more immersive and engaging experience as the game continues to evolve during its Early Access phase. If you crave a gaming adventure that combines strategy, action, and a captivating narrative, TimeMelters is the title that deserves your attention.

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Strategy... Witches... and Time Travel! Featuring both a single player and a Co-op campaign, TimeMelters is a challenging strategy-adventure featuring a unique game mechanic which allows the players to go back in time and fight alongside themselves.